Monday’s Shoot Photo Blog

These are standout frames so far. Meet Luke and Lila

I’m still editing. I have to reduce the sheer number of shots. Monday I took 900. Because I used the new flash on Sunday, I only took about 400. The new flash doesn’t fire as often so it requires a slower pace. Like Sammy Hagar says, “I can’t drive 55.”



Higher Education = E V I L

PZ Myers posted the below flyer yesterday from Jehovah’s Witnesses. The whole thing jarred me, but the second bullet point appalled me. “Higher education” is an evil temptation that must be avoided? It got my ire up last night.

This morning, I dropped by Pharyngula again. There it was staring at me.

Pissing me off.


I’m hoping regular Café Witteveen reader SAW will weigh in on this too, since we went to high school together. One major point of influence during high school was that secularism is evil. And if you MUST go to college, make sure you’re well equipped with anti-evolution, pro-god information that you won’t be coerced or secularly enticed by Satan’s delicacies. The motif of a couple classes was stay strong with the information we’ve taught you, because all other information is false, Satanic, and could lead you astray and send you on the path to hell.


I’ve had conversations with my brother — who had almost identical upbringing — about religious ideology imposed on us by our churches and schools, and my brother didn’t seem to get the same messages that circulated in my head incessantly to the point of madness. He’s perfectly adjusted to his religious upbringing, and it surely didn’t affect him like it affected me. He regularly goes to church. Loves god. Writes songs about him. He teaches his family Christian values. He’s sound as a pound.

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