NC is Mahvelous

On Saturday, we flew down to North Carolina to go to a wedding and see family until Wednesday morning.

Last minute, Tina and I decided to drive to my closest and oldest friend’s house Saturday night after flying into Charlotte, NC. We arrived at their place at 10:30 and stayed up talking till about 4 a.m. We were up by 8 and chatted over coffee and breakfast.

The view from our hotel room last night at Biltmore Inn
The view from our hotel room last night at Biltmore Inn

Tina and I hit the road at 11 for Asheville, NC. We checked into the Biltmore Inn which is on the Biltmore property where the wedding was held. The wedding was a lot of fun. There was a ceremony held outside in mid-40s weather. The party moved inside for cocktails, followed by dinner and dancing. The wedding was for a college buddy who lives in Germany. He’s already married, but he wanted to have an official event since the first wedding was to insure that his fiancée could go with him to his Air Force station in Germany.

This morning, Tina and I walked around the Biltmore mansion grounds. Then we jumped back in the car and drove 2.5 hours back to High Point. We were going to go out to eat with family, but then I suggested that I cook. So I made chicken and black beans.

We’re having a lot of fun. I must be doing something right, because I took my blood pressure about an hour ago and it was the lowest it’s ever been since my doctor told me I needed blood pressure meds.

So there.

My brother and I were driving for milkshakes after dinner tonight, and he expressed concern about putting in resumes with furniture companies. It drives me nuts that Jon isn’t running after his dreams to be a musician. I asked him why doesn’t he become a music leader at a church? That’s a paying job. He doesn’t have to be cheesy or campy like the yahoos that led worship when we were growing up. If people are his fans, they’ll love him for what passion and his talent.

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