I <3 Information Flow

Whenever I’m at parties, I tend to enjoy the conversations about funny TV commercials. I tend not to watch a lot of commercials thanks to DVR, NPR and PBS (my favorite three acronyms). But when I hear about a commercial that’s funny, I might stop and try and watch it if I recognize the commercial the next time I’m fast forwarding through. In the end, the advertiser wins, because they’ve achieved person-to-person marketing. There is a similar effect in the blogosphere.

Lately I’ve been busy. I don’t take as much time to read “my blogs” (read in essence like, “watch my stories”). I was at Hemant Mehta‘s blog for a split second during the past couple weeks and I read a headline about an ignorant, mind-blowing homophobic tatoo, but I didn’t read it.

This morning, I was reading another favorite blog “Attempts at Rational Behavior,” and Julie reposted Hemant’s blog that I missed for the most part. So if it weren’t for Julie’s repost, I’d have missed it. This similar thing is happening on twitter and facebook, and I’m starting to really appreciate it.

I’m reposting the quote from Hemant’s Friendly Atheism blog via Julie’s blog here. Hypodermic needling (marketing term, but I guess could pun on the tat art) never stung so well.

It’s a tattoo reading “[Thou] shall not lie with a male as one does with a woman. It is an abomination. Leviticus 18:22″. Who else sees the problem here?
Homophobic Tatoo
Leviticus also forbids tattooing. In the very next chapter.

“Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD. Leviticus 19:28″

Believers should make it a goal to read the book they deem “inerrant”, written by the direct hand of god.

Help Pete Help himself

My friend Pete would like your help. Stop by his blog and vote on your favorite image based on the three he posted. This will help him in more ways than you could ever imagine. I’m not going to tell you (#2) what my favorite (#2) image is. But my favorite is NOT # 1 or #3. If I told you which image I would vote for, I would totally feel like shit … twice.

Speaking of poop, I have to go number two.