The Yeshua Fog

jesus-king copynThe weekend in North Carolina was excellent. The whole weekend from start to finish was excellent. I have a couple regrets (like not even calling my friend Christi) while I was in town. But time was tight, and if she reads this … I’m sorry … the weekend went too fast.

Like I already talked about, we had a great time on Saturday night with my buddy, his wife and our mutual friend. Their hospitality is hands-down superior to most I’ve ever experienced.

It was great to hear about how our host was at least exploring the memetic influences and teachings of his youth. One thing I would encourage would be to actively attempt to explore everything with a skeptical eye. Start from scratch. Don’t allow the residual thoughts and ideas impressed on the brain continue to influence the effort to “re-learn” what information is available.

We were taught so many things that are verifiably false, and much of it ends up being rumors and tradition that need dispeling and removal from the brain.

On Monday we drove up to my parents’ house. Again we had a great time with them. We had a few drinks, ate some meals and had good conversation.

All About Eve

One considerable and redundant drawback to visits is when the kids get more attention than adults. Children at the Witteveens are conversation thieves and an attention hogs. I’d say 80 to 90% of the attention is devoted to children. This is NOT how it is when I visit my friends with kids, and I find it a misallocation of resources. I understand how it happens, but Tina and I are friends with many couples who actively pursue conversation with adults over children. The way to think of it is this, the children get attention everyday; visitors are only there for a short amount of time. Do them a favor and make them feel special or time with you is a bad investment.

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