Universe from Nothing Redux

I just finished watching this video from a couple posts down. It’s an amazing presentation in laymen’s terms about the current state of physics. Lawrence Krauss is funny, invigorating and thought provoking. I’ve read books on astrophysics and he makes Brian Greene look like an elementary school teacher.

Around minute 30, he makes a strong case for a universe that originated from nothing. He appeals to my limited knowledge of math. I studied calculous in high school and college. I feel like I know a little more than the average bear. But it doesn’t matter. He spells out math equations well that we should all be able to understand.

The entire presentation is amazing, and I hope you give it a chance. The thing about the big bang and evolution is that I don’t understand how it’s incomprehensible to some people. If listen to the discussion about them, it’s rather simple. Yes, there are complex aspects of them, but they aren’t that bad when smart people explain them well.

I like particularly how Krauss explains that the world, in mathematical language, makes more sense than in human linguistics. Math requires harmony, and it is achieved or else it doesn’t work.

Fucking Teapot

photoI’ve been handicapped by a teapot. Last night I was cleaning up the kitchen before Tina got home from a networking meeting. I was cleaning her teapot when it broke and sliced through my knuckle. Unfortunately for you (not me), I won’t be as active for a couple days. I have a splint on it to keep it straight.

I didn’t go to the ER until this morning. Apparently I made it just in time to stitch it, otherwise they would have left the wound open. Please awkwardly chat among yourselves in the comments section. Better yet, please entertain my gimp ass with a story or two about something as trite as washing the dishes landed you a couple fascinating hours in a hospital ER.