Chez Wall

Never have I entered a home like Chez Wall.
When bought, the structure over the foundation,
Hid skeletons, covered memories and wafted stale air
Of bygone generations.

With thousands of round rotations of earth on axis,
And millions of shoes crossing thresholds throughout,
Chez Wall is a home with a gentle welcoming spirit;
I call it, “Le Bon Hôpital d’Hospitalité”.

Chez Wall is a friendly handshake, a place where its hosts
Welcome and indulge comfort like a field of lush grass,
With a vast periphery of flowers and foliage.
Escape mediocrity and heartless woes,

Enter Chez Wall. Only you determine the length of your stay,
Your respite is an inspired layout of perfectly placed decor,
It is an artist’s dreamscape and surely a travelers’ sanctuary.
For we’re all travelers and all need a visit,

Inside what I call, “Le Bon Hôpital d’Hospitalité”.

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