The Whole Goddamn Shebang

I just got off the phone with my brother. It turns out that my whole goddamn fucking family has been hanging out a Le Café Witteveen (Hey guys!). Is my blind spot really that big*? Anyone know if Mom or Kel are reading it? Grandma and Grandpa? How ’bout Uncle Rick. You reading this son of bitch, Uncle Rick? Imma give you a fucking black eye.

I knew that my dad read it after he said a couple things while we were down there. But for fuck’s sake. Secretive shame shame know your names!

I don’t know how any of them found out about it. I was so discreet. I mean, I never added the blog to any search engines.

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FOX & Friends Discuss: Atheism vs. Christianity

I love polls. This one that they talk about here is rather exciting.

I love how the FOX reporter says something about “fair and balanced”, and then she turns to the pastor and says, “Hey, so how do you put up with this guy doggin’ your religion?” That’s not an accurate quote, but where’s the same question to Hitchens, “How do you feel about this pastor doggin’ yo atheism?”

Self Critic meet Egocentrism

IMG_1308-EditTwo Fridays ago, I shot a beautiful woman who is pregnant with twins. It was a complementary shoot, because I only have one other pregnancy shoot under my belt. I’m trying to build my portraiture portfolio, and I offered her the shoot and a reduced rate on her newborns once they arrive on the scene in November.

Surely I would have liked to have done nudes with this woman, but that didn’t happen. Not because I thought the subject wasn’t beautiful enough, but I feel that there has to be a high level of trust between photographer and talent, and perhaps it wasn’t there yet. Or not asking might have had something to do with it.

There was a lot that I wanted to do in terms creativity as well, but not working in a studio makes things tough. I ended up only working with one lighting setup. All in all, I was really happy with the shots. Working with this level of talent is always a little more difficult, because there is direction you can give a trained model or actress that clicks immediately. But when working with average joes and joesettes, it helps to mirror what you want to the subject while you’re talking. That way they see that cheating to camera means just a minor foot move and adjustment of the shoulders.

My goal for a shoot is to provide about 10 beautiful images to the client. I probably shoot somewhere between 400 and 1000 in an hour. The price that I’m charging for the sitting fee includes the 10 images and some color correction. For this shoot, I provided almost 30 images and did photoshopping and color correction. Continue reading “Self Critic meet Egocentrism”