Wade Robson

So You Think You Can Dance is a guilty pleasure of Tina’s and mine. Well, the guilty pertains more to me. Tina unabashedly loves it. I have a minor amount of guilt, because, you know, there’s stigma attached to “men liking dancing”.

For real, though, I love the show. There are female dancers that absolutely knock my socks off, and I wish I had a bigger TV to admire them during their performances. Honk.

Last night’s show was cool. Our complaint the last couple seasons was that we didn’t know the dancers who were in the top twenty after the auditions. Last night’s episode provided a sneak-peak into the 20’s personalities, and it featured an amazing routine from Wade Robson that topped the show.

Since I can’t embed this particular video, here’s a link to someone else’s blog response. Watch the routine if you missed it. It’s amazing.

via Wade Robson – So You Think You Can Dance Top 20 – Video.

Wade’s Triplets of Belleville routine is probably my favorite of all time.

New World Order, Oh My!

A facebook friend from college posted a 2.5 hour video promoting the idea of the dreaded New World Order, the conspiracy theory that a cabal of rich elitists are going to make one-world currency and government that will rule despotically over the world population. It purports that corporations are influencing world leaders, and that your children may get thrown in Obama’s death camps. I don’t know all the batshit nutty things they claim. All these things are to bring forth the Antichrist, who will symbolize the end times and usher in the apocalypse.

Here’s the video. Please watch it. I don’t want to speak for everyone’s opinions. I mean, Jesse Ventura does make a good point that there may OR may not be a potential new world order uprising.

After I watched the first 20 minutes, then clicking through and watching five-minute portions, I responded to my fb friend’s original post and said, “Laugh … Out … Loud. Yawn” Another guy said, “Who has time for this?”

I said:

I watched/listened to a good amount of the thing. It’s a riot.

When is the whole one world order religious buggery going to end? It’s manufactured betise. It has no relevance in anything natural or reality based. That they spent money, time and effort to produce a 2.5 hour homage to one world order nonsense is hands down a misallocation of resources feeding into a an irrational fear perpetuated by conspiracy theorists and religious wackaloonery.

One world order! Run for your lives!

Teach the Controversy!

He responded and said, “It’s time to educate yourselves and wake up America.”

Then I said, “Educate yourselves that this stuff is bunk. Yes.”

FB friend sent me a personal message saying, “Hey bro. Ok i’ve been seeing your comments on Fall of the Republic. What is it about the movie that is bunk specifically. Just give me 3 examples that are absolutely false or just give me one. I am open to you your voice of reason, but only if you have specific examples of what is bunk in the movie he made. I am not choosing sides, I want to remain as open on this as possible.”

And here was my response. Have at it yahoos. I basically repeat myself, and he’s likely to come back and tell me I’m wrong. Cyclical fun. Here’s the text of my response.

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