Infertility Monster (NSFW)

tina and jer sad about fertility
I drew this illustration, because I don't have a picture of us with a thought bubble coming out.

My wife Tina and I have been diagnosed as infertile with scientific proof to bat. We’ve been trying to conceive for over a year. We worked closely with Tina’s OB/GYN for over three months in the spring to see what she could do. After it seemed that the OB/GYN’s efforts were ineffective, we sought fertility clinic help.

Since September, we’ve been pricked, prodded and probed. Tina had one ultrasound of her cervix that was devastatingly painful. Guys, could you imagine having your penis hole opened large enough to fit a freight train inside? That’s how bad it was. After other various tests, including HIV and STD tests, as well as semen samples from me, we’ve been diagnosed with potentially “curable” infertility.
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Glory Day Blogging

While home a week ago, my Mom gave me a box of stuff to take home or throw away. I got all kinds of great stuff, like report cards, hand-written reports I did when I was 11, and this photo of me playing soccer when I was a senior in high school. My coach gave me the print one day before practice. I’m number 9. It came from a photographer who used to follow us around and shoot us for his own practice.  I was stunned and excited to see how high I could jump at the time. I couldn’t get close to that now.

I remember this game clearly. My coach pulled me aside and told me to mark their best player. It didn’t matter where he went on the field, he told me to shut him down and not to let him have the ball. We won the game, and I haven’t cut my hair since. No, but I imagine it was a shot the photographer was proud of. This is one I would have put on my wall or sent to some competition.

It certainly played a part in encouraging me to be a photographer, because it’s shots like these that make shooting hundreds, if not thousands of shots before getting “the one” all worthwhile.

Thank you Glory Day reminiscing. Okay. I’m done.

Glory Day Photo of Me Playing Soccer (#9)