Congratulations are in Order!

Regular reader and future insanely photographed person Xina has become engaged!

Xina announced on Halloween that she has become betrothed to her sweet man after  — well — however long they’ve dated. I think over a year. And I wanted to call it out here at the blog, because I’m more than ecstatic for her and for her fiancé. Xina is an amazing person, and I imagine she will make a great wife. I am fortunate to have met this man, and he’s a great find. I couldn’t be happier.

I said, “future insanely photographed person” because if all the stars align (and Xina sees how much it costs to hire photographers anyway), she’s going to hire me to shoot her wedding. Of course I’ll hook her up, but not a free ride, yo! Continue reading “Congratulations are in Order!”

In Defense of the Yeshua Fog, Sincere Familial Reconciliation

jesus-king-copyn1 copyI continue getting amazing feedback about the Yeshua Fog Conundrum, a.k.a. learning that my family has been reading my blog long before I knew it. The entry continues to get lots of hits per day. Thank you.

The emails and support have been much appreciated. It reminded me that I need to give an update, because (ONE) it’s been consuming a lot of my time while not hanging here at Le Café and (two) I hear you chomping at the bit from here to hear some news.

Not only has a gigantic weight been lifted from my mind and shoulders, the whole debacle has brought me closer to my family. This should speak volumes for them. And I hope it speaks volumes to the many who are still toiling over how or what to do with their disbelief.

My family has had the patience and foresight to reach out through the fog. And maybe they’re afraid that if they say anything awful, it’s getting blogged  for all to read.

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