Ryder Part Deux

I met up with Ryder, Leah and Brody today to finish a few candid shots that we didn’t get a chance to do on Sunday. I didn’t tell the story here on the blog, but I was shooting this beautiful family, when I jumped up on a rock and fell. I broke a flash and almost cracked open my 70 to 200 mm. I injured my shin pretty badly, and the best plan of attack was to wrap the shoot. I contacted the mom and offered to shoot another 20 minutes to make up for the session cut short.

Here are some stand outs from today. The first is why I shoot photography. I love it. I’ll put more below the fold.


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“Shhhhhh” Le Café Turned into a Library

Shhhh! Quiet please. Tina’s studying to get her real estate license. Her nose has been in the books for over four and a half weeks. This week has been crunch week, and she has been studiously attacking the classwork in preparation for the final tomorrow (Saturday).

As part of the process, she takes these mock tests. From my office, I hear her reading the questions out loud. To keep on task, we play games with the mind, right? So she reads out loud and  squeals with glee while wiggling her fingers in the air when she gets something right.

A wrong answer usually produces a “What?” or if it’s really bad, “What the Fuck.”

Earlier, I made popcorn for our afternoon snack (Air popped for my blood pressure, no more ACT II bags of salty goodness). I bottomed my bowl in 3 minutes flat. Tina took her time. I asked her if she had finished her bowl as I put my empty in the sink. “No, not yet,” She said. “I’ve been doing questions, and when I get one right, I reward myself with a hand full.” Seemed reasonable.

I did a requisite “Hmm” as to let my partner know I listened. You know how sometimes you’re doing couple things, and you forget to respond … at all … to something your lover says, and then five minutes later you find yourself in the bloodiest battle a couple can have. I mean screaming and yelling and pulling out eyeballs. Then you pause and ask, “Is this because I forgot to give you a simple ‘hmm’ after you told me you went number two in the potty?”

photoI left Tina after my “hmm” and returned to my office, which is right off the kitchen where she’s studying. For a long time, I heard nothing, but the occasional train passing (we live right beside an EL train track). Finally about ten minutes passed and I heard a pencil hit the table, a hand jostle through popcorn and a good hearty crunching through corn.

“Did you get a question right, T?” I asked.

Tina laughed. I couldn’t see her, but I bet some kernels fell out of her mouth.

If Tina passes this test tomorrow, we’re celebrating like it’s 1999 (wasn’t that a great year?). If she doesn’t, I’m going to drink like a depressed sailor all night. I’ll go get a bottle of “Early Times” whiskey, a shot glass, and sit slumped in a wooden chair, at a wooden table, slumped down singing “Swing Low Sweet Chariot” in my best monotone drunken spitty voice.

The course is not easy, either. If you’ve been in the market for real estate, agents aren’t always the sharpest tools in the shed. Our guy — named Steve, Idiot for short — had the IQ of an inbred Kazakhstany and the personality of catatonic Terry Schivo. The only reason we used him was because he called on us.

But the questions and math they have on these tests are brutal. It’s amazing that Steve Idiot could have passed this test. For example, Tina just came in my office and asked me the following questions: Illinois Human Rights Act defines an elderly person as what age: (A) 40, (B) 55, (C) 62 or (D) 65.

Go ahead. I’ll give you time to think about it. Google it. I don’t care.

Are you ready?

The answer is …

(A) 40.

So if the questions aren’t the most difficult math she’s ever done, they are the most deflating farts for questions you’ve ever answered. I’ll be “elderly” in 6 years. I guess it’s time to get me a Jimmy Scooter and a walker.

In the meantime, I’m pulling for Tina. You should too. I really want her to pass this.

I want to see some big fat commission checks too. You should too.

Stewart’s Beck is Spot On

I can’t embed this video player, so you’ll have to click away from the Café to watch this one.

Screen shot 2009-11-06 at 9.14.54 AM

If going back to doing everything you think the founding fathers stood for and ignore all the good and progress made since those days, whilst ignoring all the bad, then go back. I call dibs on your computer, your home, your appliances, your car(s), your wife’s equal treatment and voting rights, civil rights, your cell phone, your stereo, your TV, your ubiquitous indoor plumbing, your central air and heat, your doctor’s expertise, your airline travel, your hygiene, your city/town/village’s infrastructure, your 1st, 3rd and 10th born.

Let’s see, can any one help me on this list of getting back the way the founding fathers intended us to be?

I choose progress.