Trash Talk Your Dinner Party (The Café Goes R-Rated)

Yesterday, Tina aced her real estate license test! Celebration was the only logical next step. I planned on making pizzas, but after a general text from our friend Miles, I convinced him to bring his partner Jay and friend Andrea to dinner. We whooped it up with pizzas, spirits and games. Time flies when you’re having fun. We didn’t wrap up until 2, which was late seeing Tina was pulling late nights all week studying for the exam.

We had a blast. We had a raucous game of Dutch Blitz and then a trash talking game of dice. When we play games, we play them usually at the top of our lungs. It was such a beautiful night last night, the windows were open and our voices and “holy mother fuckers” were echoing out into the night.

This was the first time I made all my own doughs and sauce. I usually buy the dough from a box and sauce pre-made as it saves time. I started cooking around 11 yesterday and finished about an 7:00. I had so much fun. My new favorite dough is a Neapolitan recipe I found. The sauce was 2 lbs of tomatoes, three onions and garlic simmered for about 45 minutes. I threw in a chopped chipotle pepper to give it some zing, and man, there were bites that even I had to wave my hand in front of my mouth.

The menu was a shrimp with lemon zest, an asparagus and artichoke with caramelized onion and garlic (not pictured, but it’s a great one), bacon and roasted garlic (the raison d’etre), one pepperoni and mushroom and one mushroom and cheese. I wanted to make a white garlic, but I didn’t realize that my ricotta cheese was expired. Damn you, EXPIRED RICOTTA!

I wanted to share a few shots. I didn’t get a good group shot, but I wanted to introduce to you our guests and a couple of the six pies that are now gliding along somewhere between esophagus and colon. Honk.

I wrote on these images all Perez Hilton like.

Happy Sunday.

Your host and head chef






3 thoughts on “Trash Talk Your Dinner Party (The Café Goes R-Rated)

  1. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Mister Senior Witteveen.

    Thanks, Julie!

    No eggs on these pies, because these were first timers in terms of dough and sauce. I was so nervous about the dough and a couple of the new pies, that I didn’t want to add other dimensions.

    I only put eggs on pizzas I consider to be “gourmet” and these new additions weren’t going to get egg until I knew what they tasted like.


    There’s a potato pizza I’m dying to try.

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