Yanko My Panko

I hate to post two dinner blogs in a row, but I found this image floating around on a memory card from last week, and I wanted to throw it up.

Throw up the picture. Not the meal.

This is pork chops breaded in panko bread crumbs sided with corn and spinach salad. I love this meal. It’s a comfort food that really isn’t bad for you. It’s not great. But when you compare eating out and not knowing what’s in food someone else prepared and contrastingly knowing what’s in what you made yourself and loving the taste in your own food, priceless.

IMG_4267 panko


Mac Daddy and Cheese

Tonight’s dinner, mac and cheese topped with bread crumbs and parsley in olive oil and baked at 400 degrees for 25 minutes.

It’s a recipe designed for freezing, but I figured we should eat part of it for dinner tonight, and freeze the rest.

Holy sanctimonious blasphemy, it was creamy cheesy goodness. Super simple recipe. Low sodium, but carb heavy. Way bleeping better than mac from a box. Kick it!


War on religion, the media attack on christianity

The Catholic church is a massive group of rich whiny babies. For pete’s sake, grow a pair of balls and own up to all that’s wrong with the church. If you get picked on, then show us all the GREAT and AWESOME things you’re doing to make up for all the douchy things you’re known for in the past and the shitty things it’s doing right now.

Whiny, rotten jerks.

When the best thing that you’ve got going for you is the war on eternity and souls, then you have no right whining about getting the brunt of the criticism. If you’re opulence is as extravagant as the corporate franchise you have with locations the world over, then you will get criticized. That’s the way it is. The kids with all the money and power, they get to be the punching bags for all the poor, outspoken media folks.

Know why? Because we’re jealous that an organization has made zillions of dollars on something invisible and unprovable. And when we read about the stuff that the “monotheists” did throughout the hebrew and greek bibles, we are dumbstruck at the monsters that are described within those pages.

Apparently the Catholic church has already won. They have cornered the market on the RIGHT and ONLY way to heaven. What the fuck do they care if some nimrod with a book or a staff position at a magazine makes a couple careless remarks?

If you’re so insecure that you have to whine about criticisms, then somewhere deep down, you know how much of a maxipad you are.

Own it, Catholic Church. Ship up or ship out.

If you don’t like criticism, fold your hand, sell it all, give it to the poor and bam, you’d have the best PR ever known surrounding the Catholic Church. Until then, leave the dart board on your face, because we can play this game all day.