4 thoughts on “Jesus Has Issues

  1. when I was an unbeliever I never spent as much time as you and renee then to mock and bother Christians as I have seen, I do not understand why the torture to people like the two of you do, I dont get it, never did I do that when I was asleep never once, so I am assuming then you do not believe me that I have interpreted dutch and italian right? or are you believing your atheist friend susanne? or renee? I am not a liar and tried to tell you, to bad you did not listen

  2. what do you get out of your day by mocking what other people believe in? why does that make you feel so good?

    i notice atheists never bother buddists though right? you guys are like modern day pharisees to be honest, I have never seen such hatred against one religion as you atheists inflict on christians

  3. I just can not believe you people exist, really, I never thought people like you actually breathed on earth, modern day pharisees who do nothing but mock and bother people of God, but nothing about buddists etc because YOU ARE PREJUDICED against believers of the one true God, you people make me sick really

  4. Prophetlady … because saying that we are loved by god (which you did not say, because apparently if I don’t say something you point it out) through the thinly veiled threat of sending non-believers to hell is worthy of every vile and vitriolic post that we can muster.

    You are willingfully here at Le Café Witteveen. If you don’t like it, don’t come here. Easy peasy nice and cheesy.

    You’re certainly welcome here. I don’t wreak havoc at your blog. This is my forum to speak my mind. And of course you can speak your mind. Although your discussion points make it easier and not harder to agree with you.

    We’re having beef stew tonight for dinner. A place will be set for you if you decide to come over.

    Now where are those awesome Buddhists that I love so much and what are they up too.

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