Yanko My Panko

I hate to post two dinner blogs in a row, but I found this image floating around on a memory card from last week, and I wanted to throw it up.

Throw up the picture. Not the meal.

This is pork chops breaded in panko bread crumbs sided with corn and spinach salad. I love this meal. It’s a comfort food that really isn’t bad for you. It’s not great. But when you compare eating out and not knowing what’s in food someone else prepared and contrastingly knowing what’s in what you made yourself and loving the taste in your own food, priceless.

IMG_4267 panko


One thought on “Yanko My Panko

  1. be careful talking about pork around renee hendricks she thinks we are evil to eat the pork but loves her bagged potatoe chips LOL

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