If Grace is FREE, Why is it so flipping expensive?

IMG_4747 atmA report in Politico today says that 44% of congress people in US office are millionaires. That’s compared to 1% of the general American public.

Look at the list. It details plenty of democrats and republicans with dollar amounts next to their names that will make you sick with envy. Here’s one paragraph:

“CRP says California Republican Rep. Darrell Issa is the richest lawmaker on Capitol Hill, with a net worth estimated at about $251 million. Next in line: Rep. Jane Harman (D-Calif.), worth about $244.7 million; Sen. Herb Kohl (D-Wis.), worth about $214.5 million; Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), worth about $209.7 million; and Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.), worth about $208.8 million.”

Isn’t wealth a bitch?

I’ve had plenty of arguments with people about wealth. I’ve never understood a country so hellbent on being called “Christian”, but so few who are “heaven bent” on acting as Christ. It’s somehow been accepted that churches should be built as metaphorical money sacrifices to the deity.

In the Judio-Christian tradition, building up glory to invisibility through man-made buildings are seen as early as Solomon’s opulence in the Hebrew bible up through the Vatican and now with ubiquitous megachurches all over the United States.

As shown by this Politico report, politicians are wealthy. They are lucky sons of bitches. They won a different kind of lottery and they are rubbing your face in their feces.

But not nearly as badly as the church. The deity is the richest being in the universe. And man, he’s taking our collective faces and rubbing our faces in feces.

How’s it taste?

The church is wealthy. She makes no bones about it.

How’s that taste? Pretty shitty right?

Yet, despite all the supposed splendor and magnificence of the creator, he forgot to build his own unlimited balance ATM and put it over at the corner of State and Main. That’s why the deity needs you. You must sacrifice so that the image of the deity gets stronger, richer, pointier, taller, golder, sparklier.

He has excused himself from revelation through concrete details and reveals himself only in mysteries.

Mr. Deity will remind you all day every day that he made the ultimate sacrifice, himself, for you and your eternal happiness. But until you reach a ripe old age, pick up a little case of the HIVS, contract a deadly cancer or get hit by a drunk driver, give god your wallets like George to Jane Jetson, because that green is god’s green.

Grace with a price tag ceases to be free.

IMG_6932 freeIt should work the other way around. God’s splendor is “grace” right? It’s “free” to all who believe, isn’t it?

Grace isn’t free. That’s smoke in mirrors clap trap. It’s expensive. Really expensive. You’ve got time commitments, donation commitments, hanging with some crazy cats for inordinate amounts of time obligations, etc. etc.

Yet there was no voice as clear as Yeshua Christ’s regarding wealth.

Yeshua’s words are Teflon; nothing sticks to it.

I’ve talked about this before. If you like Solomon’s opulence, maybe Judaism is for you. Or maybe Paulian is a better way to name the church you go to on Sundays. Paul is the supposed father of the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church developed and evolved the “faith” until the 16th century. You protestants are late to the game.

I don’t have a problem with wealth. I would love to be wealthy. I don’t come from a standpoint where wealth is considered to be against my namesake. I would love to be the executive producer for movies, artists and ideas. But I’m not there yet.

As a humanist, wealth would mean giving to fellow man. If that means going to a building that provides shelter and medical help for the sick, that’s humanism, that’s real. The requirement is clear. If I have wealth, and 99% of my neighbors do not, my neighbors’ health is much more important than a pointy buildings all over town.

If Jesus’ death and resurrection canceled out the debt owed to original sin, should it not also cancel the debt to god himself?

If Grace is free, why is it so flipping expensive?

16 thoughts on “If Grace is FREE, Why is it so flipping expensive?

  1. the bible says Only God can make you wealthy, maybe things could have been different for ya had you not left the church

    my husband makes 500 a day, so…wealthy by God

    1. Your husband makes $500 a day? Let’s see, 5 days a week, carry the 1, ahhh, $130,000 a year! Awesome! This is perfect. Today is going to be a good day for the poor. Since you guys follow Jesus, here’s what he asked you to do:

      Matthew 19:21: 21 Jesus answered, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”

      And since you think I’m poor, you can write that check out to Jeremy Witteveen. I will send you my address to the email I have on file for you.

  2. you sound somewhat I do not know, about contributing to the church, they do give out alot of money sir, and when you actually do charity by giving that 10 percent, God makes sure you are rewarded, that is why we are making good money, if you are poor, b y the sounds of your complaints you sound poor?

  3. I dont think my wealth is no bitch, love it, love worshiping and it is not this big hardship with the grace alright, we do not get saved from works, I thought you knew the bible? we do not get saved by WORKS, hmm, hebrew and greek but does not know about works?

  4. The bells of cognitive dissonance ring loudly with you.

    I’m glad you shared your husband’s income with everyone at the café. Next round is on you. Thanks.

    And, yes, I’m completely familiar with the indolent protestant notion of no works are necessary because belief in life/death/resurrection of Jesus is all that is requisite.

    Please step aside. Next order, Please.

  5. it is not 500 a year sir, he makes 500 dollars a day 5-6 days a week on average, renee does not know me other then her bigotry against anyone who worships God

    and yes we are married in forms, like government forms in our taxes, common law, although I have no idea why that was even mentioned,

    his money is my money you would be right

  6. are you realizing you are bigot? I mean atheists are bigots against Jews, Christians and Islamics, anyone who worships God

    but someone who worships a fat statue green man you write nothing about?

    what about faiths that allow beatings to their back and walking on glass because they believe they feel torment now it wont come later, what about those?

    you people, you atheists will write about Christians but none of those other beliefs? why? you are bigots, where as Christians want everyone to believe as we do, atheists do not do this, only a few are targets

  7. so if you knew that works is not what gets you in, then why lie on your blog that you know the bible? your blog states grace is hard when in fact that is not even scriptural what so ever, and that would include greek or hebrew

  8. and I am not crazy, I have understood dutch, italian and other languages through holy spirit, I got quite pissed off to see your comments that you believe I am nuts,

    very nice way of trying to force yourself not to believe?

    you will know when Jesus comes I told you the truth of my gifts, hope by then you mature enough to realize I told you the truth

  9. you know what, you want to call me smelly but your blog smells like bigot shit, so who is calling the kettle black here?

    I would rather be called crazy then have proof all over my blog that I am a bigot as you do

  10. I preach it to atheists, buddists, Islamics, unbelievers, ALL, I do not single out a certain belief when I am speaking OF MY BELIEFS and teaching them

    but you atheists are BIGOTS, and single out only the believers of God and see nothing wrong with a bunch of people worshiping a statue? a fat little green man statue?

  11. jeremy, we just began to make this money, and we do give to the p0or as Jesus said to do, we were doing it even poor we landed this money recently, no holes kicked in any hornet nest, I do contribute to the poor..and we constantly give away items all the time,

    and please do not quote Christ it is revolting hearing it from a bigot blogger, who speaks nothing of other religions

    go grab your popcorn since I am so entertaining, at least my blog and sites is not covered with bigotry on one religion like yours

    1. Prophetlady, I love having you here. You provide spice. And spices are great. Thanks for reading and investing the amount of time that you have in hanging out here and getting upset about what I write. I want to remind you that you don’t have to look at the Café.

      Are my views superior to yours, I imagine I think so. I imagine you think yours are superior to mine. Which reverse flips the bigotry onto you.

      But I love you anyway. You’re a great commodity. All of the negativity you bring is great news for the café. So by all means, please, with sugar on top, keep it coming. Keep reading, and keep responding.

    2. Dawn,

      I’m writing to inform you that you are no longer welcome at Le Café as I have continued to say.

      After reading what you have written on my blog; after reading about your death prayers to someone with terminal illness that are screen captured and come from your name; and after reading the letter that was written to you regarding this person’s welfare, I have no choice but to ban you from commenting at Le Café.

      If I can find a way to ban you completely, I will do it. I know your IP address, your full name and the computer address from which you are active. These are all things I can track. Your identity is not anonymous.

      I will not post about you nor continue this conversation. But if you happen to stalk me as it appears you stalk others, I will be forced to share this story with the authorities.

      You have a lot of problems. There is no need to create hell on earth for people you don’t agree with. You choose to come here to read. I don’t mind if people express their opinions, but you are out of line.

      Thank you in advance for leaving quietly. Scream all you want after you’ve left.


      Jeremy Witteveen

  12. what a vile wench !!!

    Who gives a flying fanny fart what her husband earns..whoopy fucking do..

    As for atheists being bigots…. what utter bullshit… I’m quite happy to call out crackpottery when I see it whatever flavour of religion it is…catholic, baptist, muslim, jewish …the only two religions I don’t criticise much are buddhism and hinduism…as they go about things in their own way, don’t try and convert and push their beliefs on anyone else…

    Your comments are a prime example why atheists laugh at Christian crackpottery…. lady you need serious professional help.

    Oh whoops…forgot you can’t comment here any more….read and gnash your witchy teeth in anguish “those nasty atheists did it again”

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