Roasted Colorful Potatoes and Cod flavored with Lemon Zest

Last night’s dinner was roasted colored potatoes and Cod. These potatoes pack a nutritious punch, and they are simple and easy to roast. Just cut to inch-sized cubes, glaze with a little olive oil, salt and pepper (no salt for high-blood pressure me) and through in a oven at 450. Shake ’em after 20 minutes. Roast 1o more minutes and toss as many 6 to 8 ounce cod filets  that will feed your family into the pan, brush with more olive oil and cook another 10 minutes. Apply some chives and lemon zest sliced in long strips and voila, bon appetit!

It is so good even without salt!

IMG_4754 cod roasted taters

Click here for a more detailed recipe. We substituted the potatoes. That’s the power of creativity. Enjoy.

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