The Best PR

Republicans help the Democrat’s cause more than they ever think. Don’t they know that bad news is great PR? Hmm, maybe that’s why the Catholic Church bemoans all their criticism, they know how well it works for them.

I love this picture I just got from my Dad (Senior Witteveen). Conservatives should cash in on Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize. It’s great, and this sign is creative and funny.


Somewhere in the back of their thick skulls, surely conservatives are scratching their heads about Obama’s peace prize. I mean, yeah, it’s bizarre. It’s a great thing to poke fun at. There’s nothing more whorishly cheap than saying, “Let’s make the Nobel Peace Prize something you can get while exiting Walmart from a quarter machine next to mega bouncy balls and super stellar sweet tarts.”

Facts are facts. The Nobel Peace Prize is still retaining its international respect. The international community — that isn’t reported about on FOX news — still has high expectations and proud regard for Obama.

Deep down, conservatives are staring at it, after they stopped laughing and kvetching about the whole shenanigan, thinking, “Wait, how can we get one?” They have to be thinking, “Obama did something to garner international attention. Maybe being rewarded for certain behaviors, idea sets and actions is something we could live up to.”

Or maybe not. Progress isn’t in conservative vocabulary. So while they’re all orgy loving on glory days and how things were so much better yesterday, we progressives will march forward into the century with our technology and ideas that make the world a better, peaceful place.

What a prize.

One thought on “The Best PR

  1. Maybe the conservatives lurking out there should think that possibly maybe even Obama deserved this award…. he’s made the world hope, the world see that americans can get over stupidity and also see that the US is no longer a pariah state now that it has a democrat government and a black intelligent thoughtful man as a president. Under Bush the US was at it’s lowest ever….in the opinion of the rest of the world.

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