The “Morality” of Child Sacrifice Encourages War

In a pretty recent post, I talked about Lot’s contribution to godly morality. God considered Lot righteous enough to keep the story in the bible (a.k.a. the ultimate book of morality). Maybe there’s a reason for including Lot’s story of offering his daughter’s as sacrifices to deity. Perhaps we missed what was didactic about such a story.

No, I don’t think so. Lot’s story ended when his ignorant, horny daughters drugged him and raped him to get themselves pregnant because they couldn’t find any local fellows to marry.

Lot died.

His righteous legacy lives on.

Wow! What an awesome code for moral conduct. Top notch. I’ve tried bringing this up to many Christians. They do the typical wave of the hand through the air. “No, no, no, this isn’t part of the moral code,” they say.

This is one of those passages that gets Tina’s blood boiling so badly she wonders how anyone could grow up in the environment that I grew up in. I’m not sure what gets her angry most, the passage about Eve as helper (See Creation Museum; search for word “helper”) or Lot’s disrespect for women, including his own daughters.

Me? I can’t figure out how women could agree to become “christian”. The “christian” tradition is so one-sidedly testosterone heavy and patriarchal, why would a woman want to subscribe to an unnaturally oppressive male culture?

It’s truly something to explore. Maybe it’s that …

God Committed Suicide for Your Salvation.

Face it, making child sacrifices as a moral code encourages the American commodification of Jesus. It made life sacrifice appear awesome. It makes the idea of letting sons and daughters die in war transcendently  incredible. The Christian culture and Christian leaders need this sort of ideal to appear as moral. Without it, Jesus’ sacrifice is devalued, and the idea of war depreciates.

I bet you all the money in the world that if you have children, you’d never sacrifice your son or daughter. In fact, you would die saving their lives if they were threatened. But yet, the American culture is rife with child sacrifice for the sake of war.
It’s because mothers do not rule the nations of the earth.

War feeds more dollars into wealthy men’s pockets than many top investment options. Leaders can’t guide a nation into battle if they don’t have a certain population of parents who value sacrificing their sons and daughters. Enter religion and its emotional grappling hook.

But … but … but … war is necessary for freedom, they scream! They’ll convince you, as I’m sure you’re already convinced (because you’re sure to disagree with me). America needs war because war brings “freedom.” Without the possibility of afterlife, child sacrifice is not wonderful or acceptable. If everyone in America is “Christian”, then everyone agrees, and you don’t get douchebags in Ft. Hood going ape nuts.

War is a boon of fantastical awesomeness or the whole war economy goes bankrupt

Carnage is the currency of war. Earth’s limited resources are the gold standard. War is an economy that makes the rich richer and the poor poorer, and by poorer, I mean economic downturns of brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, uncles, aunts, mommies, and daddies.

War should be considered ridiculous,

pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-bronze age,

religious and

un-evolved mentality. But if it wasn’t so lucrative, like automobiles that run on petrol and expensive methods of making electricity, they’d scrap it. Earth and people friendly methods of leadership aren’t nearly as valuable to leaders, so they are backburned.

War works hand-in-hand with religion as a way for the unevolved imbeciles in leadership to convince poor populations to die in order to solve hierarchies’ disputes. You’re welcome rich leaders in rich clothes, driving expensive cars surrounded by wealthy attendants.

Countries would be better off solving dispute over a poker game, a game of dice, or a european football (American soccer) match. Hell, I’d rather lose one world leader over 1,000 of my buddies any day. But one or two leaders aren’t as lucrative as big-money contracts for big monstrous tanks, mega-blaster wanker planes and King-Kong-ticket forms of technology. War allows big business to get bigger. It brings big-cash payouts, and grows bank rolls larger and larger.

War is a sham perpetuated by confusing the masses with religious fervor to cover up corporate and individual greed. Take the war on Christmas for example. There’s no war on CHRISTmas. Christ should remain out of corporate greed. Why should corporate giants get richer from selling more “CHRIST”mas cards, gifts and ideas? Sham-a-licious.

Christians fear atheism, because — without a culture of fear and without a culture of afterlife — all that’s left is a culture of reason. And when you’re reasonable, you expect that violence is not the way to solve problems. Watch any episode of “Cops” and you’ll see that even if a man threatens his wife with a raised fist, he might get thrown in the back of a squad car. If he touches her, done. The laws of moral conduct are NO violence in any situation. Thank you civilized, non-biblically based morals.

We have reasonable laws for ah, for um, for ah, well, we have them for a reason.

When Christians say this nation was established under god for god by god for Christians and Christians only, they are feeding off the propaganda ideas that their leadership wants them to believe. Otherwise, these wars of the 20th Century would continue to be harder and harder to find kids to die for country.

Christians scream that we fight for “freedom.” This culture fights because the most general forms of human instincts include eating, procreation and violence. Humans LOVE eating. They LOVE sex. And, man, do they LOVE violence. Non-violence is an evolved trait, which the un-evolved can’t understand. To understand humanity in terms of base instincts means you might accept evolution (oh no!)

You say, “Okay atheist, we’ll see what happens when you get attacked by muslim extremists.” You’re right. I yield. You win.

Wait a minute? Did you not just ask me what happens if we are attacked by another “religion”? You PROVED my point!

Atheists’ hope to marginalize and diminish violent religious fervor. This would include Islamic fundies. Once Islamic, Jewish and Christian fundamentalism are diminished, those ideas of resorting to violence become marginalized.

Because fundamentally, if you read the Hebrew bible, the “New” Testament or the Qur’an, those books are chock-full of violence from Noah to Jesus and on to Revelation. And we already know from this post that the Qur’an loves it some violence.

When you follow the money trail of concrete examples into reason, this is where truth peels back its ugly layers and lays naked and vulnerable for what it really is.


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