Like Living in the “Everybody Hurts” Video

The scene that resembled "Everybody Hurts" from REM

On October 1, Tina and I were driving back from a job downtown. We had all of my photography and video equipment with us. As soon as we pulled onto Lake Shore drive we both said, “Oh, shit” in unison.

What usually takes 10 minutes took 0ver an hour.

Traffic was standing still. The longer we sat there, the longer we — we being the collective unit of the entire 600 plus cars that were stopped — got restless. One by one, people exited their vehicles. Some through the doors, other through their moonroofs. I posted pictures from the experience here. I was able to run to the scene of the accident and shoot some shots.

When I was editing the “50 scent” video, I found the video that Tina shot that day, and thought it might work as a little introduction to the motion picture versions of Tina and Jeremy that I hope to start cutting once we start our fertility treatments.

The VirtualDS‘ers might already kind of know me, but they don’t know Tina yet.

While we were sitting in the car waiting to move, I updated at Twitter and Tina updated at Facebook that we were stuck in traffic. I didn’t write anything about REM, but Tina did. My friend @AtheistDamsel responded with a link to the REM video for Everybody Hurts, which is featured in the video.

Here’s the goods. Bon appétit.

7 thoughts on “Like Living in the “Everybody Hurts” Video

  1. We heard your voices for the first time..on Twitter you have to imagine the voices of the people you’re twitterring with..tell Tina she’s even more wonderful now 🙂

    As for Wendy..everyone should be Wendy’s friend…and she’s even in the same country as me !

  2. That was so cute 🙂 I remember that day…it’s like the Kennedy assassination, we can all say where we were when Tina and Jeremy were stuck in traffic 🙂

    1. You guys are too funny. Tina says she’s glad that she’s helped put October 1, 2009 on your memory maps to remember for all time.

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