The “Collision” Panel I like to call, a Trainwreck

As promised, here’s my review of the panel discussion from Thursday night’s screening of “Collision”. Atheist Hemant Mehta and Christian Chad Meister were our panelists and it was moderated by Pastor Mark Bergin. Apparently Mehta beat me to the punch and posted first before I could finish writing and editing (thanks for the heads up @atheistinWA). Yes, sir, I agreed with you about the Q&A. You’ll find that on page one million of my critique below.

(It’s not really one million pages. It is long detailed, though.)

Bon appétit:

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Bowles: Christian Jihadists Call for Obama’s Assassination

I got an email from my brother in law’s partner this morning with this link.

Here’s the post written by by Jerry Bowles copy/pasted below:

If you check the Google and Twitter trend charts, one of the hottest viral memes running around the internet right now is the Biblical verse Psalm 109:8 which has started popping up on bumper stickers and t-shirts with the seemingly harmless directive to Pray for Obama.  Sounds benign enough and the verse itself seems to be a harmless piece of rightwing wishful thinking:  “May his days be few, may another take his office.”

Where it becomes seditious and anti-American are the lines that immediately follow that one:

“May his children be fatherless
and his wife a widow.

May his children be wandering beggars;
may they be driven from their ruined homes.” Continue reading “Bowles: Christian Jihadists Call for Obama’s Assassination”