NYS Senator Diane Savino speaks on the Marriage Equality bill

I’m going to quote The Daily What directly, because I think the writer of the post said it best, “If, after viewing this seven-minute video, you are still of the opinion that tax-paying Americans should be denied the right to enter into a loving marriage with the partner of their choice irrespective of gender, kindly exit this country.”

November 5, 2008

Remember where you were the day after the election last year? You know, the day after Obama was crowned messiah by a little more than 52% of the American population? I was at home writing. I wrote the following “note” on my facebook page (see link if you’re skeptical when it was published). Only one person responded. I’m either a prophet or a damn good ESP kind of guy.

Sober up
History has been made. A little over half of America elected a black president.

It’s awesome for 52.4% of America. And it sucks for 46.4%.

Now sober up.

The democrazycrats might have won the white house, but it means very little on a grand scale. Obama leans on conservative policies and hasn’t claimed a radical standpoint on anything. McCain and Obama never did much more than politicking and vague stump speeches that resembled anything remotely satiating for the far right or far left respectively. Palin was the closest McCain got to the far right. Obama’s race and middle name threw the Republicans for a loop, but other than that, there’s not much to worry about.

There’s that tax on the rich issue, but I’m quite sure there’s going to be a thousand ways around that baloney. Democrazies appeal to the middle class in the darndest ways. I can think of a couple ways already to circumvent the concept. It’s not rocket science.

Obama’s got to don a pair of rubber gloves and clean up the White House first. That’s going to take some time.

The situation isn’t as grandiose or dismal as the different parties might want to think. There’s no real reason to get drunk of a rush of endorphins.

Obama will still have to work with congress. He’ll have to work against all the people screaming, “socialist!” He hasn’t claimed some strong standpoint on Iraq. The economy is well flushed down the toilet and no plunger or auger is strong enough to solve the problem with efficacy.

The media this morning has started claiming a “post-racial America”. The television is Satan. This election has proven one thing: that racism and bigotry runs rampant in this country, despite the inherent message from the Bible or from sound logic.

Or listen to all the crazy cats who think Barack Hussein is going to blow up the white house, hold nutball orgies in the oval office and abort all the unwanted babies whilst approving gay marriage and make life miserable for the religious.

It’s all theater. It’s all drama. And America runs on Dunkin.

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***UPDATE*** It’s no wonder that the blogosphere has erupted after last night’s speech. I just strolled over to Pharyngula where PZ writes under the topic “Obama Regret”,
“Looking at his record (which isn’t just his problem: the Democratic Party has failed to promote a Democratic agenda), I see the real problem. Despite all the screamers on the right accusing him of being a socialist, what actually happened here is that we elected another Republican to office. A moderate Republican, to be sure, but not someone who has the kinds of priorities I want in my president.”
This certainly validates the “Sober Up” note above. I’d LOVE to have a liberal in office. As it is, those of us who voted for him are backing off with our hands waving in the air. In 2012, nominating fucking Pinocchio could stomp out Obama at this point.

Let’s See, Where should I Put My Obama Bobble Head Now?

Obama rama’s speech last night was depressing. Although I wish there were more criticism for why there wasn’t more done during the previous presidency. And I wish there were more criticism of the Iraq effort that distracted us from our goals in Afghanistan. But those debts are stock piled and burning asunder on the foreheads of our imaginations.

If in fact the request for troops is coming from the highest powers of the armed forces, I would do my best to support war.

Yes, Obama and his administration played a little spoil the well trump card. It’s hard to demonize military effort when decisions are presented in front of our country’s future armed elite. It’s kind of like that time Bush made that victory speech May 1, 2003.

Michael Moore wrote a great open letter to the president. And while I think he’s batshit nuts, I couldn’t agree more with the majority of his letter. Here are some excerpted highlights. Read the entire thing here.

Hopefully whoever is driving the car with Obama’s bobble head bobbing around on its dashboard, will read this letter too, hear the fucking chorus of dissent and stop this madness.

Michael Moore Open Letter to President Bush excerpts below the fold:

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Glenn Beck: Climate Change Cover Up

– November 23, 2009 – Pt 4 of 6 –

I haven’t had a chance to research this yet, the whole global warming conspiracy. I’ve been following quite a bit of the global warming research that’s been going on for at least 50 to 60 years.

Science needs a big fat kick in the nuts about this one (if it’s true) and they even deserve a few sack thraps from old Becky Pooh, too.

This reminds me that I need to find and post the internal memo from Fox News that says they don’t consider Glenn Beck news, they consider him editorial commentary, which is corporate speak for “beguiling biased mangy mutt.”

Regardless of whether or not global warming IS or ISN’T true, our effect on this planet must be considered. I have not approached this issue from the standpoint that global warming exists, but that global issues exist, and it starts with industries and global pollution. I don’t care what it’s doing to weather, it’s definitely making a dent in where I can put my trash.

There’s so much trash over at 1211 Avenue of the Americas, 18th Floor New York, New York 10036, that it’s spilling over into a national epidemic.

Raw Video: Friend Convinced Wash. Shooter Was Jesus

I am dumbfounded.

From AP News Service: “Authorities say the man accused of killing 4 police officers had visions that he was Christ. This video, taken at a party for a minister, shows Maurice Clemmons and a friend trying to convince people that God called Clemmons to attend the event.” (Dec. 1)

Catching Up

I’ve been writing as much as I can while not working. It’s tough to blog around my work schedule. I’ve been posting journal-ly blogs about the weekend with family mainly for me, but I’m happy to see how many people are reading those entries.

inFertility wise, the first five shots have been okay. The first couple shots were traumatic. The first night we did them was last Friday, and Tina’s cousin Kelly was here. She talked Tina through while I gave the injection.

Saturday night, my mom was here, and she played the part of the calming agent.

Sunday night, my brother in law Michael and his partner Jason were the calmers. Each one provided Tina with just enough help, that when I did it for the first time alone, Tina did really well.

I tried to videotape Sunday night’s injection, but it was out of focus and too dark to use.

Monday and Tuesday night’s shots went much better than the first three. We’re really happy about that. And I got those successfully on tape. So I’ll be working on that.

Concurrently during the process, we have to go to the fertility clinic to monitor T’s progress. She needs regular blood work and ultrasounds. We got our first ultrasound since starting shots on last Friday, and two follicles are growing.

We’re moving at the speed of light right now, so I haven’t had a chance to look all this up yet. But how I understand it, a woman naturally creates one follicle a month that carries an egg to be fertilized. The medicine Tina is taking is exploiting the process and making two. This is a good thing.

Today (Wednesday) we go for another ultrasound. Unfortunately neither of us understands what this means. We’re hoping that the follicles have grown large enough to do the insemination this week Friday. But we’re not entirely clear.

If Friday is the day, in less than two weeks (2) we find out if anything fertilized and took hold. Of course blogging about this would certainly disrupt the whole notion of not talking about pregnancy until everything has taken hold for a couple months. But blogging about it has spoiled that well, so I guess we’re out in the open.

Happy Hump Day!