100% of Men Who Claim They Don’t Watch Porn, Watch Porn

You heard it here first for the millionth time, 100% of men watch porn. Go read the article in the link.

That guy you passed on the street yesterday that gave you the creeps, he watches porn. Your pastor watches porn. Your teenage son watches porn. That guy zDenny, he watches porn too.

The first real porn magazine I ever saw I was seven (at least). Attraction to sex, no matter your preference, starts early. I remember looking through Christmas catalogs at five years old, and before looking at toys, I flipped straight to bras and undies. Holy hot shit, the fantastic female human form! I knew early I wanted to photograph people.

I wrote a really long post on porn, but I’ve decided to scrap the rest. I know Christians who enjoy pornography, and I know Christians and other people who don’t. I personally don’t think certain porn should cause alarm in relationships, but I do know people who have made great opposition to porn.

I’m walking away from this post with my hands up. I just wanted to throw the article out there.

Dan Savage on Obama’s Record with LGBT Issues

It is our responsibility to heave huge amounts of pressure onto Obama and his administration.

Mehta Hands Warren A Two-Cent Coin with No “In God We Trust” Stamped on it

If you haven’t read it already, go read Hemant Mehta’s post “Pastor Rick Warren Knows Why You Became an Atheist“.

The most irritating thing about believers interpreting non-belief into words is how misunderstood non-belief is.

Warren’s purpose-driven life needs atheism to be disabled in a wheelchair, catatonic, ugly and stinking to high-hell of shit and piss so his purpose looks and smells like less of a turd.

Happy Birthday, Xina

Regular reader and good friend Xina has a birthday today. Happy Birthday, Xina!

If you’re smart, you’ll wish her happy birthday too, or she’ll hunt you down and rip your eyeballs out of your pretty little sockets.

Nooo, she wouldn’t do that at all.

Xina’s the one who recently became engaged. I’m happy to report that she’s found her wedding dress, she’s secured her venue, and I imagine she’s picked out the cake and first dance song.

She’s even settled on a photographer (me!). She’ll likely have nightmares of all the shutter clicks after her wedding next August. But don’t tell her.

Happy Negative Two Week Day!

My dearest Tina blogged about our experience yesterday at the fertility doctor. You should read it. Tina talks about her experience during the last week.

You gotta give it to her, she’s a trooper. T hates needles with a passion second to none. On top of that, she’s being pumped with hormones. She almost fainted yesterday during phlebotomy. Tina’s the sweetest pumpkin on earth, and she was more concerned about disrupting the phlebotomists’ day that she worked herself up more than she needed.

So what are you waiting for, go read it. There’s even pictures of her our follicles. If all this goes through, and we get socked with twins (hell yeah!), we’re going to show our little ones these pictures and say, “Here’s you at negative 2 weeks! Happy Negative Two Weeks Day! Now eat your cake! And clean up your room! And read another book!”

(Did you like how I threw in some discipline to my negative two week year olds?)

Bonnie and Clyde

Julie over at Attempts at Rational Behavior followed up on my blog yesterday about Glenn Beck and climate change (I love Julie). I’m the Clyde to her Bonnie. I like working off each other. Partners in crime, I tell you.

So go read it, dammit. She’s able to post videos from the Daily Show right in the body of her post!

My favorite line from Julie is this one (emphasis mine):

I’ve considered myself an environmentalist for years, and though I’ve accepted the data regarding AGW, my main concerns have always been the general treatment of the planet and conservation. I’ve always loved the Haida Indian saying, “We do not inherit this land from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.” For me personally it never mattered whether global warming was occurring, and if so whether man helped create it. None of that was going to keep me from recycling or driving a fuel efficient car. Most green technologies, which may be expensive to implement now, will in time save people both ecologically and economically.

One of the greatest parts of being a rationalist and a naturalist is the very essence of respect from the bottom up en lieu of the top down starting with invisible beings. When one’s view comes from the idea that your significance comes from millions of years of beautiful, slowly-driven evolutionary history, a person respects the environment, the animals that he keeps or eats, and certainly the oxygen rich plant life that covers the earth.

Gastronomy is life, not some unsubstantial play on supernatural bread. No matter how hard a person tries to live on Jesus or Mohammed or Buddha alone, he still has to eat real food to get to next Friday.

Tina and I strive to be more and more vegetarian, and when we eat meat, we attempt to be mindful of the sacrifice. If you’ve ever heard the squeal of a pig at slaughter, you know they  aren’t willingly giving their life for your hangover breakfast. Religion stole the essence of respecting meals and degraded eating. There’s a trend among the religious that I criticize, and it’s the devaluation of food preparation, eating and digestion.

What does this have to do with the climate issue? We borrowed this earth from our Children. Live, eat, play and work like we do. Like YOU do.

Bon appétit.