Dude, I’m High

Right now, I’m soaring 20,000 feet above the ground on my way to shoot One of a Kind Show New York. There’s internet access on American Airlines while in the air. It works very well. I haven’t had a chance to work out this week in preparation for my trip. Last Friday I shot the twins that were inside their mommy’s belly a few months ago. Remember this? I’ll hope to get some shots up here at Le Café soon.

Saturday, I shot One of a Kind Show Chicago. Using the new Canon 5D Mark II, I’ve been able to sell my services as a value added vendor. Of course I’ve gotten into a heap of trouble, because now people want man on the street interviews. On Saturday, I wasn’t prepared for to shoot interviews as I was working alone. Tina had a prior obligation, and the client had not asked for interviews before hand. I had the idea of explaining that it might not live up to my professional standards, but I would shoot the interviews and record sound on my iPhone. The 5D records sound, but I needed to have a mic closer to the subjects’ mouths.

It worked out swimmingly for a gorilla-style fix. In fact, don’t tell the pro’s pros, but I think it worked out better than I thought it would. It’ll be a bitch syncing up sound, because I wasn’t working with an assistant, and I was too embarrassed to have the person being interviewed clap their hands once in front of their face (which is all I need to get a quick sync during editing).

I have been wondering how my 2010 is going to shape up given the economy. Between this last minute trip to NYC and the fact that I have fortunately been requested to provide estimates on several jobs that should keep me busy during 1st quarter, we should be okay.

I’ve been debating scrapping the portraiture wing of my business seeing that right now the payout is way in the red. I end up photo editing way more than job’s worth. Compounded with that, I’ve been having a bear of a time with my photo processing service called SmugMug. They don’t call them SmugMug for nothing.

I had an email exchange with the company’s COO after I berated them publicly on Twitter. No one likes a screaming customer, and when you’re on Twitter, you can scream pretty loud. In our exchange, he smugly indicated that Ihaven’t read through all their help screens. One of the last emails he sent me was so devaluingly smug, because I have been doing what he recommended, that I can’t believe these people boast such great profits.

It’s usable as a service. And I’ll likely continue to use them as I don’t have an alternate at the moment … especially at Christmas season when my customers are trying to order prints. But they definitely aren’t kidding about the “mug” part of their title, too. All I can think of us this company as a collective “mug” shot, with a big shit-eating confidence artist grin.

And, man, do they have some pearly whites, let  me tell you.

The couple in front of me are both reading religious books. I just leaned forward and told them they could thank me for the safe flight because I represent science.

Please prepare the aircraft for landing. Welcome to NYC!

6 thoughts on “Dude, I’m High

  1. “The couple in front of me are both reading religious books. I just leaned forward and told them they could thank me for the safe flight because I represent science.”

    Please say that this is not a joke. That is awesome!

    I say things like that to my religious sister-in-law all the time but to say it to a stranger…I’ll have to work up to that.

    1. Hey Steve,
      I hope it doesn’t crush your spirits too badly but I was making a joke. It sure would have been funny.

      Thanks for reading and friending on fb. I’m looking forward to learning more about you.

      Cheers, Jeremy

      1. Jeremy,

        It was certainly good for a laugh from me.

        If I’d been on that flight and you actually said something like that, you would have had drinks on me the whole way to NY and then some. Assuming, that is, that you don’t use your fame and mega-wealth to fly everywhere first class where the drinks are free and the drunks are cheap.

        Thanks for the welcome.

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