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Tracie Harris is a graphic designer in Austin, TX. Raised in Orlando, FL, she received her BA in Liberal Studies from the University of Central Florida. Her long, slow recovery from a rabid fundamentalist upbringing led her to the creation of Atheist Eve. You can contact Tracie via this link.Atheist Eve products are available via Cafe Press.

Let Me Finger His Wounds

The Saturday my parents were here over Thanksgiving, my dad and I had a great opportunity to talk while my mom, sister and Tina went shopping on Michigan Avenue. My dad brought up the blog and recent events. And unlike some of my regular readers who have absolutely no compassion for non-belief, my dad showed mega-cajones and “Christian” integrity toward my station in life. I was glad he did. We had some great discussion, and I attribute how much fun their visit was to these heartfelt talks.

In response to this blog entry, He said that as a matter of fact, the email he sent did take 2 or 3 weeks to complete. He explained that he mulled over it and took his time to send. It also took him a long time to hunt and peck the length of the letter.

As I felt then, I feel now. That letter meant a lot to me.

We talked quite a bit. I took away several ideas from the conversation. For the most part, I was very humbled and cried a few times. I tried to explain to him, that I wasn’t doing anything with intent to hurt him or mom. My worst fear is to hurt them. But I gently explained that being “out as a nonbeliever” was something I needed to do. I have kept my atheism a secret for years and it was finally time to be open and honest about it.

My dad’s goal is/was to show that blood is thicker than water, and the familial bond was too valuable a commodity to let go of over something like this. I was certainly humbled by his diplomacy to reach out and understand. I was intrigued that he would be as loving and compassionate in his thoughtful words.

There were three things I feel the need to comment and criticize from our conversation. I go into detail below. I’m not attempting to destroy the truce he offered. I simply feel the need to respond to some things he said after carefully and thoughtfully considering his sage advice.

• Number one, I got the feeling that my dad thinks I’m going through a fad regarding non-belief.
• Two, becoming conservative in some capacity lies in my future once I mature and learn the value of money.
• Three, dad thinks that my life — no matter what I think — is guided by a supernatural deity.

The responses below are not to disrespect my dad’s views, although, they will. They oppose his beliefs, and naturally may be offensive. I can’t help it. This is how I view things. We atheists come across as bigoted and intolerant as much as anyone. I’ll remind you that you came here. If you’re a believer, don’t read what I know will offend you. If you read it, please respond. Give me feedback. Criticize it. Don’t forget, I was taught how to respond to someone like me for 22 years of an excellent Christian education. Unless you change your tactics or attack, you won’t convince me as I will see straight through your flimsy efforts. I don’t think anyone of you will truly address my criticisms with any efficacy.  Continue reading “Let Me Finger His Wounds”