Creative Fertility

Tina blogged about her experience over the past 24 hours over at Beautiful Symmetry. Her perception of how things are progressing is not positive.

Regardless of knowing that the first time we tried this IUI fertility treatment that we likely might not conceive, it’s certainly easy to get our hopes up. Tina’s deflated right now. Between the hormones coursing through her body and the sheer roller coaster of emotions and mood swings, she finds herself close to teetering on an edge that she doesn’t feel comfortable approaching.

Although nothing is set in stone. I seem to remember that the nurse told us that indications of an impending period doesn’t mean not pregnant. It means that the body is dealing with a whole slew of information and medicine, and needs to straighten it all out.

So go read her blog and send her a big hug. And if you have a rotary phone, send her a rotary phone text telling her you love her. She could use a real honk right now.

Why Progressives Are Batshit Crazy to Oppose the Senate Bill

Over at fivethirtyeight, Nate Silver published a handy dandy article titled, “Why Progressives Are Batshit Crazy to Oppose the Senate Bill.” Silver details an imaginary family and how they would be positively affected by the bill rolling around in the senate right now. He makes a call to action that it’s time to start dicking around with this.

Also interesting is the discussion that follows. One of the more notable comments was from a guy who says basically that republicans oppose the bill because it would be a win for Obama. I couldn’t agree more. Republicans need to stop impeding progress based on politics and help get this through, no matter who is incumbent.

Go read it for yourselves. The crux of the discussion is here:

Nevertheless, it’s clear that this family would be receiving a very substantial subsidy, on the order of $10,000 in pretax income, under the Senate’s bill. The reason I picked this particular family is because it provides a reality check against the example selected by the great Darcy Burner, who argued in an article at Open Left:

Affordable coverage for everyone: FAIL.

The latest CBO estimates for the Senate bill say that a family of four with a household income of $54,000/year should expect to pay 17% of their gross income on healthcare – about $9,000/year. (And that was when there was a public option to hold down costs!) That’s more than they’ll spend on federal taxes. That’s more than they’ll spend on food. I’m guessing if you took a poll, very few Americans would consider that affordable. And because of the way they’ve approached this, there’s no effective cost cap on premiums and nothing providing downward pressure, so this is a problem that would get worse rather than better over time.

We can debate whether $9,000 for a family earning $54,000 is “affordable”; what we know is that it’s a hell of a lot more affordable than the status quo, under which the family might have to pay more than twice as much to receive equivalent coverage.

Best of Tobias Fünke

David Cross is not only one of the funniest characters on “Arrested Development”, he’s also an atheist and one of the best damn standup acts I’ve ever heard.