The Biggest Best Party in Chicago Tonight

Tonight I’m shooting some video and photos at a loft party in a chi chi part of town. I’m kind of excited, I guess. By loft, it’s not some dude’s apartment with a stereo piping Two Live Crew in the corner. It’s an abandoned warehouse, where an entrapreneur or two rent it out, bring in some heaters, DJs, caterers, some disco balls and install some mirrors in the toilets to do blow off of.

I’m a little worried about the clientele. He described them as going to be hard-hitting Mercantile Exchange goombas. These are the types that work 18 hour days trading, blowing coke to stay awake and then ordering Redbull and vodkas all night to fill their empty minds testosterone and bravery.

We’ll let you know how this goes.

Good News and Bad News

Okay, okay, I’ll give the bad news first. The bad news is that we do not have positive results this month regarding our fertility efforts.

Insert a huge Café Witteveen deflated honk.

We’ve had an emotional couple days and a sentimental few of hours this morning.

We were fully aware that the first month this treatment had less of a chance. So the good news is, we’re giving it another whirl next month.

Our chins may be dappled with beaded tears, but they are raised up high. We have each other and we have the lot of you who have sent messages of support, messages of prayers, and messages of encouragement. I know we had a lot of people wishing us the best. And to all of you, we send our most genuine and determined appreciation and gratitude.

So lower your shoulder harnesses and buckle your seat belts, because this roller coaster is about to leave the gates!

Superman, a Jealous and Vengeful Superhero

Superman is a jealous and avenging superhero;
Superman takes vengeance and is filled with wrath.
Superman takes vengeance on his foes
and maintains his wrath against his enemies.

Superman is slow to anger and great in power;
Superman will not leave the guilty unpunished.
His way is in the whirlwind and the storm,
and clouds are the dust of his feet.

Superman blows upon the sea and dries it up;
His breath makes all the rivers run dry.
The Hudson and The Mississippi dry up
and the blossoms of the botanical gardens fade.

The mountains quake before Superman
and the hills melt away.
The earth trembles at his presence,
the world and all who live in it.

Who can withstand Superman’s super powerful indignation?
Who can endure his super anger?
His wrath is poured out like fire;
the rocks are shattered before him.

Superman is good (don’t be fooled)
Superman is a refuge in times of trouble.

Superman cares for those who trust in him,

BUT (!!!) with an overwhelming flood
he will make an end of New Orleans,
of Thailand, Sri Lanka and Maldives
With super tsunamis and storms;

Superman will pursue his foes into darkness.

Whatever they plot against Superman
He will bring to an end;
trouble will not come a second time.

His enemies will be entangled among thorns
and drunk from their wine;
they will be consumed like dry stubble.

From you, O Indonesia, O New York, O New Orleans,
has one come forth
who plots evil against Superman
and counsels wickedness.

This is what Superman says:
“Although they have allies and are numerous,
they will be cut off and pass away.
Although I have afflicted you, O America,
Although I have caused much suffering during the age of George W. Bush
I will afflict you no more.

Now I will break their yoke from your neck
and tear your shackles away.”

Superman has given a command concerning you, O Earthlings :
“You will have no descendants to bear your name.
I will destroy the celebrities and churches in your land
I will prepare your grave,
for you are vile.”

Look, there on the mountains,
the feet of one who brings good news,
who proclaims peace!
Celebrate your festivals, O Earthlings,
and fulfill your vows.
No more will the wicked invade you;
they will be completely destroyed.”


If you read this Superman poem, would you:

A) Love him

B) Hate him

C) Bow to him

D) Quake in your boots and hope another Superhero comes along who could destroy such arrogance?

Now go read the original text and explain to me how the biblical Superman deserves your love and compassion.