Tina’s Birthday Brunch Streamed on TokBox

I’m not sure if this is the dumbest or the cleverest thing I’ve ever done, but I thought I might stream our brunch over TokBox, a service that let’s you do multiple feed video chats. If you’re new to TokBox, you’ll sign in as a guest, I think. So you can stroll over anonymously and peek into our little world. I’m not sure anyone will pay attention too much. I’m curious what the outcome might be.

If you sign in, send a birthday greeting via the text chat box. If you don’t, I’m really mad I made this invite and you didn’t show up.


Click here to be the voyeur you always wanted to be.

The Biggest Party in Chicago? Maybe it was.

Here’s a couple quick shots from tonight’s shoot. Real fast. No editing. I have a lot of cooler shots to work with.

I was wrong about the venue. Have you ever seen the movie “Big”? It was basically the loft apartment in that movie, except the kid was 40 years old and rich off his ass. He had beautiful art, a basketball court, a trampoline, a pool table, an executive conference space, a dining room, three bathrooms, and all kinds of space for the two to three hundred people to trash.

You have to see more pictures. You’ll freak.

BTW: Saturday is Tina’s birthday. You should wish her a happy birthday on this post. 🙂