Hitchens: Christmas is an Excuse for the Riff-Raff to get Drunk and Disorderly

I loved this article from Chris Hitchens regarding the “War” on Christmas. Excerpt:

I never cease to be amazed by how little the Bible-believing Protestants, who constitute most of the soldiery in the Christmas wars, know about their own tradition. Under the rule of the Puritan Revolution in England, the celebration of Christmas was banned outright. This was for three reasons: The December fiesta was actually the honoring of paganism in disguise, and a descendant of the old rites of the winter solstice. Then, it was also a manifestation of popery and superstition (the “Christ-Mass”). Finally, it was an excuse for the riff-raff to get drunk and disorderly. Only the last part seems to have survived.

None of the four gospels gives any notion of what time of year the supposed Nativity occurred. Only two gospels mention the virginity of Mary, and only one has any mention of a “manger.” Wise men and shepherds are likewise very unevenly distributed throughout the discrepant accounts. So that the placement of a crèche surrounded by a motley crew of humans and animals has no more scriptural warrant than does “The Life of Brian.” Moreover, the erection of this exhibit near the turn of the year is actually a placation of the old Norse gods of the winter solstice.

Mom’s Everywhere: Your Face Could Stick Like That

So you’re wondering what’s going on with our fertility. I could tell by the look on your face.

We’re taking a month off of shots. Tina’s FSH levels are high, which is an indication of a limited supply of eggs. We are in a sticky place, because we could keep trying the shots, but the chances are getting slimmer and slimmer of a baby coming from our bodies.

There’s more information I’m leaving out, but that’s it in a nutshell. Weirder things have happened, I mean check out this bit of funny.

I was hoping to have some good news for you too. Sorry.

I have decided to quit coffee all together. That’s kind of more bad news right?

I was under the impression that if I drank decaf, I was doing my body some good. But my neighbor let me know that it’s bad for cholesterol. If I increase my cholesterol, my blood pressure is going to go up.

I’m going with green tea now. I’m mourning the loss of coffee. I love coffee so much. It’s that generic thing you say when you want to meet someone for a drink, but it’s too early for a cocktail.

So fuck you, decaf. I really wasn’t enjoying drinking you anyway.

As for the fertility stuff, we haven’t lost hope. We’ll probably need a little therapy if we learn our bodies aren’t equipped to make a little T or J. But we’ll make it. There’s always adoption. We have each other, too. And we have good old Zoe. We can always strap some Huggies™ on her and change them from time to time. We could let her throw up on our clothes and then say, “Ahhh, isn’t that cute.”

Worship a Homeless Man on Sunday, Ignore Them in Droves Monday to Saturday

There’s still one person in the world that I’m fretting to tell I’m an atheist, and that’s my mentor from college. We’ll call him by his first name, Brian. Brian and his wife Lissa were my 6th grade Sunday School Teachers. When I went to college, I learned that Brian was an English professor, and I’d be able to take classes with him again.

Brian had a reputation for being the hardest, most challenging teacher on campus, and I grew to love him for it. He challenged me beyond any realm of academia than I had ever imagined I’d enter into. He played a huge roll in helping my mind develop into where I am now. He asked hard hitting questions about faith and belief which really informed my ability to leave the fold. It was college when I decided to stop going to church, and it was Brian who inadvertently informed that decision. His view of Christianity was (still is) very strong. His faith differs from most faiths I’ve ever experience, and if I were a Christian today, it would be a mix of his behaviors mixed with the ideas of Thomas Jefferson. It was his “different take” on Christianity that helped me take Christianity out of my head.

This was his last twitter update, which I think speaks volumes about his unique perspective:

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Dual Holiday Displays Coexist in Raleigh’s Moore Square

I wish theists would get it through their thick skulls that the point “atheists have no higher purpose” is illegitimate.

We have a definitive higher purpose. it’s reaching out and caring for our fellow man, earth, all the animals therein and society. It’s discovering how the history of this planet, the history of the universe coincides with our collective current status. It’s using that history to better our children’s futures through science and progress.

While we make the world a better place through technology and science with advancements that are PROVEN to benefit the world, theists, con artists, superstitious yahoos continue to berate the idea that we’re a bunch of insignificant pooh bas  aimless wandering through life without purpose or direction. They want to believe that, because they must continue to demonize that which they don’t understand (or don’t want to understand — is more apparent). Everyone knows what it’s like to be atheist, as we all repeat ad nauseam, it’s just that we lump one more deity out of the pantheon.

We get angry when methods of out-dated superstitions creep into the public forum when they should be kept private. Everyone’s faith is so different and varies from person to person, but science and progress is universal.