The Taliban’s War on Women’s Education

What gets me is that in a country like ours where education is offered in freely to women (and men), so little education is sought.

I hear people talk about, say, global warming. They repeat what they hear on the news or even from the pulpit, but they never pick up a book from the perspective of a global warming expert to take the time to read it from the horse’s mouth.

This self-imposed ignorance and perpetuator of it is an issue across the board. If you rag on information (or misinformation) read a fucking book. And not just another anti-evolution or anti-atheist book. Go lick the horses mouth. If you fear what you will discover, than your perspective should be questioned.

If you want to know about atheism, read a book about it from the perspective of an atheist. If you want to counter the arguments for evolution, read a book about evolution from an evolutionist.

Or just willingly Terrorist Taliban your own ignorance. Be your own al Quaeda and tyrannize yourself. Or are you that smart that you’re done? You’ve read everything there is to know.

How people rag on what they don’t understand is beyond me. Or they say they understand it, but not on research but on hearsay. Foolish buggery.