Palahniuk, “Escort”

I recently reread this short essay by my favorite author Chuck Palahniuk called “Escort.” I did a google, and it came up reprinted on the internet, so I thought I would offer it here for you to read. It’s about Palahniuk’s experience volunteering as an “escort” at a hospice. Palahniuk says, “You were an escort, and this was the place where young people with no insurance went to die.”

Where do people die with no insurance? I’ve never thought about it before. As I’ve experienced people die in my life. Or experienced through Tina’s eyes the death of her mother 15 years ago, death is expensive.

It’s time to put away the rubbish regarding death camps or whatever GOP bullshit they are using to demonize the public option. It’s time to focus on these stories now.

This essay is a perfect example of why I ❤ Palahniuk. Go buy Stranger Than Fiction, where it was published too.

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More than I can chew

So I have two deadlines a week from today (Monday) that are going to hole me up in my office.

We’re dog sitting this week starting Wednesday, too. So I’m going to have to juggle that. For the most part, we’ll have to take it easy on New Year’s. We’re going over by my local watering hole, The Driftwood to bring in the New Year. But I’ll have to work on New Year’s day, so it shouldn’t be a late night.

That’s what working for yourself means, sometimes you take holidays on non-holidays.

I’ve been having a pretty interesting conversation on this post and this one with a kind woman named Marianne. She’s a Christian with an interesting perspective. I have enjoyed the conversation, as it’s not been like other conversations on this blog. I can only count one other interesting discussion and that was with the student named, Michah on this post.

Join in on the conversation if you wish.

I’ve got several posts scheduled to release over the week in the queue, so there’s no reason to avoid Le Café. It just might not be as fresh and flowery as immediately walking out of the shower.