Imagine If All Atheists Left America

It really pisses me off that there is a grammar mistake on second 7 of the video.

It’s interesting though. I like my team. We’ve got doctors, academics, and celebrities. Believers can keep all the politicians, bad infrastructure and ideologies that lead to lower standards of life.

I like smart people. They contribute so much more to a higher standard of living and living well.

Nothing says “conservative” like frivolous, superfluous legislation


Way to go, republicans! You’ve proven your worth in wasting tax dollars only to tell me you aren’t someone who stands for waste. Go nuts. Wish everyone Merry Christmas. Now go concentrate on issues that matter in the world. For Jesus’ sake. For our sake.

(via Pharyngula)

Who the fuck is Al-Ma’arri?

I stumbled on this wiki article the other day about an Arab philosphopher named, “Al-Ma’arri”.

Pretend you’re at a party at my house, and you just finished telling me about something you read on Perez Hilton just this morning. I would respond with, “Hey, do you know who Al-Ma’ari is? I read about him today on Wikipedia. He was a blind[1] Arab philosopher, poet and writer. He was a controversial rationalist of his time, he attacked the dogmas of religion, and rejected the claim that Islam possessed any monopoly on truth. He lived soon after Muhammad was said to have originated Islam. What were you saying about Charlie Sheen?”

Wikipedia article here. You should go read it.