Hume, the collective voice of Christianity says, “This is a ‘royal we’ form of displacement.”

Of course this video from FOX is turning up on all my must-read haunts today. I particularly like what the Teapot Atheist has to say about it.

Here’s a snippet:

[Hume] just says that switching from Buddhism to Christianity would make Tiger Woods more moral. As for how, he does not explain.

Of course, the opposite is true. If Tiger Woods some day decided to become a good Christian (like Ted HaggardOral Roberts, orTorquemada), that would mean the total abandonment of all morality. See, this is one of the great contradictions of Christianity today: on the one hand, they love to spout the nonsensical claim that morality can only exist if there’s a God and that Christianity is the best guide to that morality, but on the other hand, a significant amount of their theology and doctrines declares that right and wrong don’t matter because justification is by faith and not by “works.” They can’t have it both ways, but oh my goodness how they try.

PZ Myers says, “[Woods is] rich, he has behaved stupidly, that’s the end of the story, despite all those lurid magazine covers in front of my face at the supermarket checkout line.”

Hemant Mehta says, “And now we’ve all been enlightened. It’s a sad day when Bill Kristol is the voice of reason on your panel. This would have been *way* more entertaining if Hume said Islam or Judaism (as opposed to Buddhism) doesn’t offer the right type of redemption. Buddhists aren’t about to lodge newsworthy protests against Hume and FNC.”

I say the reason Woods is experiecing this backlash (apart from the violence and car accident) is because of Christianity and its trivial sexual ideology. All the hotblooded, sexually unsatisfied religious want to see someone big burn, because their burning loins ache for the freedom to talk about their own human lust for sex. It’s a royal we form of displacement.

Any other news, sex sells,

President Clinton made a speech somewhere.

Also, a tree fell in the forest.

Who the fuck cares.


This just in. Cynical C says:

“Because no Christian would ever cheat on their spouse.” He followed that statement by posting this shot.

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