Good shot, man.

What a nice shot, man.

I snapped these the other week at that loft party I shot.

I’m busy as a mother fucker. I have to finish a lot of editing before next Monday. I’ve got a three blogs in the queue, but they’re dwindling. I’ll make time during rendering to collect some more information to post. In the meantime, you’re stuck with these shots to stare at.

Just a reminder, if any of the watermarks turn up as r25 productions, that’s my production company. The r25 web site is very neglected I might add. You should fan the r25 productions facebook site as it would give me goose bumps and tingles all in my nether region.

More shots below the fold.

all shots will embiggen if clicked

Nothing says "Serial Murderer" like shadows making raccoon eyes
I'll give you a cookie if you can tell me where this couple is from.

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