Julie gets big mention, head explodes from glee

Friend and kickass blogger Julie over at Attempts at Rational Behavior got a shout out from Blag Hag on Sunday. The blag hag herself constructed a fine — and long — list of atheist women bloggers.

You should go congratulate Julie. Squeeze her cheeks and tug her toots while your there. She’s been finding some hilarious tweets. Her blog keeps getting better and better.

You should also check out the Blag Hag list. Did I mention it’s a fine list?

Blag Hag Jen McCreight

The bitch Blag Hag herself was in town this weekend, and I missed an opportunity to hang out with her, Hemant Mehta and a handful of other fine local atheists. The meet up was in Palos Hills, which is close to where Tina’s cousin Kelly lives. If we weren’t dogsitting this weekend, I would have gone.

Damn dogs.


3 thoughts on “Julie gets big mention, head explodes from glee

  1. I’m so behind on all my blog reading, but I did catch this post the other day at work–I can view my google reader, which is about all (Facebook, email, twitter and your actual blog site are all blocked). It made me laugh out loud in front of people. Thank you 🙂

  2. Look at you getting all kinds of promotions.

    Glad I could embarrass you at work.

    I bet your world is in flux with the work transition. Any luck with finding an iPhone or BlackBerry?

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