Skeptics Annotated Bible, Does the bible approve of slavery?

The Skeptics Annotated Bible is a great resource for kids like me. Unlike many religious sites, it offers a whole range of views, even views that oppose itself. It’s this kind of freedom from fear, this sort of relative transparency, that we skeptics love to promote. Instead of saying you should or shouldn’t, we promote exploration.

I was lurking on my twitter account recently. I haven’t been very active lately thanks to some heavy deadlines. But I noticed a friend who needed references to the biblical view of slavery. She was in a discussion and needed some quick references. I jumped in and linked her to this page, which has all kinds of great info (scroll to the bottom). What was great was I wasn’t the only person who sent her a link for the SAB.

I thought I would pass along this info to you, my dearest readers. Be sure to check out the annotated koran and book of moron Mormon.

Bon appétit.

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