Insurance Companies: Profit over Life.

Spread. The. Word.


Remember in the later part of last year when SABER dropped the video of the flag being painted for Obama’s healthcare initiative. You might remember it pissed off FOX News.  Well he is back to discuss all the foolish notions of the 24hr “Fair and Balanced” news network, a network that by their own charter actually only shows “news” for 8 hours a day. (I wonder if he fell into the news or the opinutainment category, probably both?!)

SABER talks about his new set of prints from the flag project, the dirty FOX and his healthcare battles.  Many of you may not know that he has a pre-existing condition known as Epilepsy and cannot get healthcare.  In short SABER, if anyone, has something worthwhile to say on the subject.  I’m in your boat too SABER, thanks for using your platform to discuss such a serious and debilitating subject in our nation’s landscape.

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