Tim Cooley: This blog is rated R for Reason.

The other day, a comment came in from someone named “Tim Cooley.” It was an intelligent response … succinct, supportive of the topic.

Naturally, I thought highly of this “Tim Cooley.”

If a reader has a blog, I tend to rush over to check their site as soon as I get a chance. It turns out, Cooley is a 15-year old atheist who blogs about science.

He incorporates blogs about religion as religion tends to be an enemy of science.

I admire Cooley for a couple reasons. One, he was able to leave religion early. Two, he loves science. Three, he stands strong against many who have come forward to antagonize him. And four, I’m jealous.

He’s living out a pursuit of academia that I can only dream about. I mean, I started late for the most part. He started early.

I’ve bookmarked his blog, and you should too. I have high hopes for him and his efforts. Keep up the good work, Cooley.

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