Raising the dead is easy!

A lot of my readers already frequent Pharyngula, but I thought this was worthy of reposting here.

This guy “Randy” says he can raise the dead. He tells all about doing it. You’d think that out of all the examples he gives, one of them, just one, would have been filmed for us to view.

If it’s true, I’m personally buying him a ticket to Port-au-Prince. Wouldn’t that change the religion debate, huh? If someone actually proved that they did what they said god could do. Wow.

This guy making a video lying outright about being able to raise the dead is no different to me than forwarding a beguiling email, which my neighbor Jack sends me all the time. Whatever your schtick is, if it can’t be verified as true, please don’t send it to me.


Here’s the video. It’s one of those I can’t embed, so the link will take you from Le Café.

Wow, I really have to side with Beck on this one. Score two for FOX.

When asked who her favorite founding father is, Sarah Palin scrounges up a fifth grader answer. “All of them,” says she.

Glenn Beck says, “Bull crap!” twice to Sarah Palin. TWICE.

That’s two times.

She can’t answer a simple question, and then goes with George Washington. And people wonder how she remains to be the Madea’s House Butt of Jokes.

I’m surprised she didn’t say George Jefferson, Ronald Reagan or Mark McGwire.

Christians denounce Robertson, the rest of us are holding rotten veggies and manure to throw

Last night I updated my facebook status with the following: “I am loving the cross spectral disgust for Pat Robertson’s Haiti statement. And it is “Robertson” not “Robinson”. I know some of you are so pissed that his name’s spelling is lost in anger. This is the perfect time when rotten vegetables and manure should be thrown.”

Since then, I’ve been happy to hear about Christians at higher levels of leadership denouncing Robertson’s piss-poor “interpretation” of life and death. Friendly Atheist Hemant Mehta blogged about Christians who are appalled by Robertson’s idiocy. Among them are some of my personal favorite religious types: Rob Bell and Shane Claiborne namely.

I’m shocked and awed by Shep Smith and FOX New’s response (at least on his show). I will remove perpetual FOX disgust for a minute and a half to say, “Thank you, Shep Smith, for being a shiny portion on your organization’s raunchy turd.”

Soaring Dodo’s Steve P sent me a link last night for Rachel Maddow’s interview with the Haitian ambassador to the United States. You should stop by his blog and watch what he says (minute 1:25).

There are lots of ways to contribute monetarily. As a humanitarian, this is what is most important right now. Tina and I made a generous donation to Salvation Army. Won’t you contribute too?

Go do, doodoo heads.

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