Real Estate is a God Investment

Who knew the real estate industry was religious.

In this article about the ins and outs of becoming a real estate agent, it says the following: “Due to the increasing housing needs of a growing population and the persisting opinion that real estate is a god investment, real estate brokers and agents will continue to maintain some employment growth.”

Thanks Tina!


7 thoughts on “Real Estate is a God Investment

  1. With atheism on the rise, he may be out of a job soon. 🙂

    Time to start the backup plan.

    Maybe he’s thinking about starting a family. He needs the extra space, and maybe an apartment to rent out for extra cash.

  2. I didn’t realize GOD was investing in real estate, but I guess he has a good a chance these days as anyone.

    Blogging tip: why just link out to someone elses content? By doing so you give them “link juice”. If you were to copy that text and rewrite the details in your own words on your blog page you could be receiving that link juice and keyword density for your own site.

    Happy Friday – keep blogging!

    1. Garsh, thanks for the tip! It doesn’t help me for the purposes of this blog, but your comment brought be to an old post that had three spam comments (including yours!).

      I’m leaving your comment without the link to your awful web site as a reminder.


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