Challenging Christians to a book duel

Over the weekend, a very lovely comment was made on a blog post I did back in September explaining that I was soon to read Richard Dawkins latest book, “The Greatest Show on Earth.”

The comment was from a Christian blogger named Mark Tetzlaff. His blog? “The Pullman WA Gospel Messengers“. The blog’s purpose? It is “devoted to the broadcast of the good news about Jesus Christ that every human being needs to hear.” Tetzlaff’s comment? “Personally I find many problems with Dawkins argument. See my blog …” And he linked to his review. I clicked through as I was interested in any and all reviews on Dawkins’ book.

Tetzlaff’s review (which you are welcome to read here) includes portions of a paragraph from “The Greatest Show on Earth” which were written on page 8 and 9 in my copy of the book. It is a section found in the introductory chapter, and by no means was ever meant to stand on its own as proof of evolution, but a cursory statement leading readers into the crux of Dawkins’ work.

However, Tetzlaff’s review only refutes this one portion of this one paragraph found at the beginning of the book. I say “one portion” because he left out some of the paragraph, probably for sake of space or superfluous statement in Tetzlaff’s opinion.

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