Remember Shatera Leonard? The nice woman who had a dream that Chicago was going to be destroyed by god. She responded to a post I made about the Chicago Gay Pride Parade.

Well she’s back. And she’s saner than ever. And I found a video she made that I hadn’t seen before.

She went to hell and back after getting drunk on Hennessy one night. Don’t confuse the alcohol for the real-life experience she had. Fifteen minutes she dwelled in hell … a place that doesn’t exist except in the minds of the religious.

She’s convinced that these videos are doing the Lord’s work. Criticism makes her feel emboldened. I think emboldening her is a good idea.

For your viewing pleasure:

4 thoughts on “Shatera Leonard’s PERSONAL TRIP TO HELL

  1. Let me be clear I was going through a rough time in my life.. I do not drink and I bought some alcohol to drink my problems away… I did not drink enough to forget about my problems I barely took a sip… I told God that I felt that he wasnt there for me and that I was about to live my life without conscious and that I’m going to HELL anyways… Just when you think that God is not listening HE IS!!! He heard me and showed me that if I want to live with no conscious that there will be consequences… So I enjoy your insight but leave it up to me to disribe my experiences… God bless!!

  2. Dear Shatera

    Blah blah blah..usual christian spouting crap about their invisible friend talking to them…. we don’t believe you, we’re not impressed by your pre-learned speech you use to fit in with your fellow crowd of ju-ju maniacs and how why would an invisible sky fairy want to talk to you even if he did exist ???

    And by the’ve just proved the usual “believe in Jebus rubbish be crap at spelling rule again” the word is spelled DESCRIBE 🙂

    Christians..bah..were’s some lions when you need them..

  3. Shatera, I hate to be the barer of bad news, but in the video it says you drank half the bottle. I was letting you tell your own story.

    Maybe you should redo the video.

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