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  1. The Roman Catholic Church is not based on the bible, but on paganism, established by Constantine.

    It knows nothing about the bible. Rome threw the real Christians to the lions.

    This is not Christian doctrine. This is Catholicism. Carrying around a crucifix does not make you a Christian.

    Catholicism has done more to destroy Christianity than any atheist doctrine.

    Jesus taught that if one wanted to go to heaven, they must be as a little child. He did not say the child had to be baptized first.

    That tells you where babies go when they die….straight to heaven. 🙂

  2. ps. Sorry if I am a little hard on the Catholics. The core of people mean well, and are sincere, but they are greatly mislead by their leadership.

    They focus on too many man made doctrines which, of course, cannot stand up to scrutiny, since they are not true. Catholics are not told to read their bibles. All they have to do is show up for mass once a week, and they are ok.

    Examples of poor teaching by the Catholic church:

    1. I met a Catholic woman in Israel who was there on a pilgrimage. She came to the Mt of Olives to see where Mary ascended into heaven. duh!

    2. I met another Catholic that did not know Jesus was Jesus. He thought Jesus was a Catholic.

    3. confession to a priest, instead of to God. The bible never says to confess to a priest.

    4. purgatory – it does not exist. It is not in the bible. You cannot pray yourself out of where ever you go after death either.

    5. Jesus was born on the feast of the Sun god? DEc 25th….duh….he was born in the fall (late September), if they had stopped to look it up and think.

    6, Jesus did rise from the dead on the feast of Ashtar (Easter)…..Jesus was not a pagan.

    7. communion wafers are not the body of jesus….they represent his death, so communion should be taken seriously, but the wafer does not magically turn into his body. and the wine is not blood. Torah forbids the drinking of blood.

    8. the catholic church is not the final authority on God…the Bible is.

    9. the bible speaks against ministers being forbidden to marry…priests have to remain single

    10. the inquisition killed many real christians

    11. it taught that jews should be forcibly converted or killed. Sounds like Islam today.

    The catholic church teaches a very shallow view of Christianity. However, many people within the church actually manage to lead good lives, and finally find Christ in their personal lives. But it is not because of the guidance of the Catholic church, but almost in spite of it. The holy spirit can reach people in any “church.”

    The best thing a person can do to really know Jesus, is to get out of the Catholic church, or any church, that does not teach the bible. False doctrines and doctrines of man only destroy faith. I causes a lot of ridicule and mockery of the true faith as well.

    Many feel that, in Revelation, the whore that sits upon the beast (Antichrist) is the Catholic church. She is rich, decked in purple and gold, holds a cup (chalice) in her hand, and has the blood of the true saints upon her.

    I can understand the mockery of the man made doctrines.

    I hope, someday soon, that people desire, seek, and find the truth of God.

    Thank you for reading this.

  3. It’s funny to see another religiously retarded person slagging off another branch of the same religion.

    They’re all as bad as each other…all based on a book of bronze age fairy tales written by misogynistic desert dwelling goat sacrificers…

    You all pick and choose the best bits from this pathetic self-contradictory book of crap and spout it around to try and make yourself look good with other human beings…. it’s very very sad to see people so pathetically deluded.

    Long live reason, science and freethinking !!!

  4. As for following the Bible ? I take it you follow the books of leviticus & deuteronomy ?

    Do you lock yourself away for a few days after you’ve finished menstruating ? Do you enjoy your ritual baths ? I hope you don’t eat shrimp and wear clothes of mixed fibres ?? How much did your husband pay your father in goats for the benefit of marrying you ?

    You profess to follow the book of fairy tales…so I do hope you practice what you preach ??

  5. Petursey

    There is the letter of the law, and the spirit of the law. You only understand the letter. To understand the spirit of the law, you have to have a personal relationship with God. The law is there for man’s protection. There is also a spiritual significance to everything written.

  6. There we go ladies and gentlemen

    Marianne proves yet again the standard Christian two-facedness of it’s not what’s said (even though they quote it when promoting hatred at minorities) it’s the way their imaginary friend tells it to them…..

    How can you have a personal relationship with something that does not exist ? Nor has ever been proven to exist ??

    And the quote “the law is there for man’ protection” ?? So you agree they are laws in those two books..and you “believe” they are there for a reason..but you choose to ignore the ones you don’t like..but follow the ones that suit ??

    if your sky fairy existed surely he’d want you to follow his rules…otherwise he might get angry and send earthquakes and lightning bolts..

    Also you said “You only understand the letter”…well I understand what is written…but still think it’s a load of crap written by and for bronze age goat herders who liked sacrificing goats ? I don’t see any relevance in it for moderen day living..but if people choose to follow the lead of preachers and the like , like the sheep they are, fine..but follow it in private and don’t use it to promote hatred of other people or promote their false morality on everyone else..

    Religion should be dead and buried…and let science and reason prevail.

  7. Petursey

    My son and daughter exist, whether you believe it or not. You have never seen them or experienced them, but I have. I have a personal relationship with them, so I know they exist.

    Same goes with God.

    Just because YOU have never experienced God, is not proof he does not exist. It just means you have limited yourself, and denied yourself this experience.

  8. Ok I’ll follow your reasoning…. I’ve never met your kids and can choose whether to believe in them or not…..but you can prove their existence to me by a photograph/video/recording…

    So photo or video of this sky fairy please…then I’ll be rushing to the nearest church to talk in my head….

    I’m not limited at all…and I certainly have denied myself anything…. I’m just a rational freethinking human being who know’s I’m a tiny mote in the whole universe and am not insecure to follow a certain societal trend by spouting claptrap about non-existent sky fairies… I’ve got the courage to say that I believe in no supernatural beings..and at the same time have morals, have a healthy relationship and lots of friends..

    Anyway none of your churches would want me as I’m gay…and all you christians hate us and try to deny us equal rights..(well in your country..not in mine…in The Netherlands every is treated equally..in marriage..in law…in taxation…etc etc)…so much for America land of the free…. only if you’re white, anglo saxon heterosexual and christian….the rest are not worthy of equal treatment.

  9. Petursey

    I do have proof for myself that god exists. He has made his presence known to me in tangible ways.

    You are, of course, entitled to your beliefs. So am I.

    Christians do not hate gays. There is a tendency to confuse disagreement over issues as hate. It is just disagreement, not hate.

  10. I have to agree with Petursey here, Marianne.

    A relationship with your children is provable. A relationship with god is strictly a personal experience that you have. There seems to be nothing you can say to change that in Petursey.

    I had what you describe as a very personal and genuinely loving relationship with god for a long time. I was a genuinely hard working Christian. And please don’t criticize me for being hardworking. I tried all the tricks and recommendations by the church to have that relationship. I tried not working hard. I tried giving it all to him. I tried fasting, alter calls, communion, missions trips. I tried other churches. Bible studies, accountability groups, etc, etc.

    There is a common response to former Christians that say, “Well, you weren’t a real Christian” or “You gave up.” Or “You weren’t doing it right.”

    I put in my hours. I worked hard at my end of the relationship with Jesus. I prayed. I churched. I witnessed. I gave testimonies. I led bible study. I genuinely believed what I was told the bible, god, jesus, leaders, told me to believe.

    All I ever found is that god talked to me no different than a non-believer’s conscience. I was constantly surrounded by Christians with different godly voices telling them different things to do. You know what I found incredibly telling against the existence of god? It was that ten people working for a common goal praying ten different prayers asking for god’s guidance all have a different view of what god wants the group to do.

    When I was a prayerful and spirited Christian, and I could swear god told me that we should do A. And another Christian came over and said, “I prayed and god wants us to do Z, that’s not anywhere close to A.” It doesn’t make sense.

    Well it does. It means my inclinations want me to do A and yours Z. God has nothing to do with it. And if he did, he’d magically explain that both of us should do either A, Z or maybe even M, the thing we hadn’t thought of.

    That’s why spirituality should be personal and kept that way. You can’t tell Petursey he should have a relationship with god so he can find out what it’s all about. Petursey thinks god is a sky fairy. What are you actively doing to change that perception apart from telling him he’s wrong, or he’s not doing it right?

    Christians play that card all the time … that we need to have a relationship and know god so we’ll know. We’ll finally know if we had a relationship. I can say the words right now, “Jesus, come into my heart and change my ways, change my thinking and fill my life with all the pleasure and substance that Marianne seems to have.” I can say it and truly mean it. But nothing is going to happen. And you will either criticize me for not being sincere enough or find some other thing wrong with what I did as to not experience his love or gifts or whatever.

    I made a conscious choice that all my relationships would be with flesh and blood people. Not because they won’t let me down. God let me down too. Not because they love me or hate me or call me or not. I choose relations with people because they are real. When I read god’s word with all the murder, violence and weird relations with siblings and family, and my dad would say, This is god’s holy and inerrant word, I realized that it doesn’t speak “love” to me, like the crystal clear voice of my wife, my close friends and loved ones. It doesn’t run its fingers through my hair or scratch my back. I choose real relationships, because as fucked up as they might become at times, it’s not nearly as fucked up as a relationship with god.

    The difference between Christians and non is one names their conscience and motivation Jesus/God/Spirit and the non-believer decides it’s self. Many people want the voice in their heads to be God telling them to like/do/align self to/vote for/take interest/love/hate/etcetera certain things. And they want to believe that another voice is “Satan” when the mind says negative things.

    I don’t subscribe to that as even a remote possibility any longer.

    As for the Catholic information above, it’s neither here nor there. Whether or not they derived their ideas from pagans is moot. The catholic church reigned supreme for 1500 years before Luther gave you a version of Christianity resembling yours. Many Catholics lived and died under their paganism. Hell, they live and die under it now, according to you. Why would god wait 1500+ years to share with modern Christians the “right” way? Is he not sadist? Really?

    And you criticize that one too. I’ve tried to read your blog to learn more about you. I don’t care for it. The fonts show up funny and make the information unreadable. What I do read doesn’t remotely appeal to me … just as I imagine my information doesn’t really appeal to you.

    But it appeals to a crowd of readers. I’m sure you get a lot of nice hits and discussion.

    For me, there are uncountable ways that god is not great. There are a slew of reasons why Jesus isn’t love. There are a glut of reasons why the spirit isn’t that awesome. I’ve had way more spiritual experiences through musical performances, playing on stage as an actor and musician, through attending concerts with hundreds of thousands of people and through buddhist style meditation than I EVER had as a Christian. Heck, I’ve had more spiritual experiences having sex with my wife than I ever had in prayer, at church, doing missions or reading the bible.

    I just saw that you responded to Petursey. As for the hating/disagreement statement about homosexuals, I don’t know why Christians don’t take the high road and accept them as 1st-class citizens and let their all powerful god judge them in eternity like they say he is going to do. Nobody says you can’t love your children or destroy them or their happiness because your “holy book” says explicitly says to.

    I’m happy for your perspective. I’m happy you’ve found peace. My sister in law apparently read your blog from beginning to current once. Petursey’s found peace too. So have I. We’re not wallowing in pain and anguish wondering what it is we’re missing in life. Neither are you, I’m sure.

    What gets difficult is when we say we hate it when Christians persecute homosexuals, we can show you a homosexual and you can hear his story. When you say, my god hates it when you make fun of him, you’ll NEVER be able to say, “Here’s god here. Listen to his story.” Sure you can show us his book. I’ve read where he gets upset and jealous. According to many though, he’s a big god and he should be able to handle a little disappointment once in a while.

    The way we see it, your god that you’ll have eternal bliss with, that’s great and all. But don’t take away anyone’s temporary bliss on this experience here on earth, just because the “eternal” god says something ridiculous in a book chockfull of odd things. You have to admit, there are some odd things written in the bible.

    I’m hoping the PR for both teams changes soon. We need to progress this dialogue. Having a book like the bible around really makes discussion redundant … another reason why I choose flesh and blood relationships. I choose NOT to read and discuss the same old boring stuff every time I get a chance.



  11. HI Jeremy,

    I guess what we have here is two different realities. I am not trying to change anyone’s perceptions.

    This discussion started with what is the real Christian view of hell and babies. That is all I was trying to explain.

    For the past 2000 years, there has been the “church” and there has been the remnant. The world sees the church, while both the world and the church tries to stifle the remnant.

    I was not aware the fonts and appearance of my pages were bad. Please let me know which pages are messed up. They look ok on my computer.

    AS for hearing from God, many people confuse their own imaginations with God’s voice. There is the human spirit, God, and the devil. So, anyone of them could have an influence on a person’s general thoughts and behavior. I am also aware of the “god told me this or that” behavior in the church. Most of it is just imagination. God is sovereign. He only speaks when there is something profound to say. Otherwise the bible would be millions of pages long, if he talked all the time to people.

    I went through all the same kind of disappointments you describe. I did not do something right and find God. I was completely oblivious and in my own world, and he approached me. I cannot prove this, because it was a supernatural experience. Being a scientist, it was the last thing I expected. And no, you do not have to believe me.

    Anyhow, that is my story. And you have yours.

    I wish you both peace and love. I have no hatred toward anyone, only a desire for others to have the best, and to appreciate who God is. I would like more than anything to see God approach everyone in a personal way. this is something I have no control over. I hope all lead good lives, and find God in their own way, or have God find them in His own way.

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