Atheist woman lives with Christian family for 30 days, everybody wins

Last night I went to bed with my laptop. I had a busy day yesterday, and I wanted to catch up on my blogs.

Debunking Christianity’s John Loftus posted a video from the 30 Days series on FX about an atheist woman who goes to live with a Christian family in Texas for 30 days.

I thought that it was a fair treatment through editing. I don’t think the Christians or the atheist were made to look nutty or like morons. The Christian husband seemed to have the hardest time accepting the atheist while the Christian wife seemed to really get a grasp of what it was that made the atheist who she is.

I really enjoyed the bible studies in which groups of Christians really asked questions about the atheist and they seemed to be forced to re-evaluate their misconceptions of non-belief.

I have probably said too much. My point is that I REALLY want to encourage anyone who is either a Christian dealing with an atheist in their family or among their friends to watch this video. It might do well to dispel some misunderstandings about what it’s like to live in the same space as one of us.

Here’s a link for the video. It’s very much worth watching.

14 thoughts on “Atheist woman lives with Christian family for 30 days, everybody wins

  1. I saw this when it originally aired last year (I think) and loved it…it’s what made me seek out atheist communities because I was impressed the 30-dayer had people she could talk to.

  2. I interact with atheists in their natural environments. I have had so many atheists tell me things that were politically motivated only to be disproven later by their own life. I think you can’t keep a camera on an atheist because they are under pressure to act a certain way. It is best to watch them when they don’t know they are being watched. You can really see what is in there heart then. I have not found a single atheists who knows or understands love. I only find a group of people who are in bondage to their feelings which makes me sorry for them even as they throw a lot of vitriol my way.

    God Bless…

  3. Ladies and Gentlemen…here we go again zdenny quoting his usual “veiled insults” in christian-o-rhetoric ….

    Atheists are not animals..their natural environment is every day life…. it’s you religious retards who are the declining species sub set in more rational environments…

    Atheists are under no pressure….we have no silly books of fairy tales and money grabbing preachers telling us how we should live our lives…we live by reason, the secular law and in built human morality

    “bondage to their feelings” yet again zdenny you spout rubbish from other sources…google your paragraph and you’ll find it’s plagiarized (look that one up in a dictionary cos I know it’s a big word for someone of your limited intellect)…

    As for the vitriol…. you get what you give out… you promote hatred, homophobic bigotry and utter claptrap…so what quid pro quo (thats Latin by the way)..

    May the Flying Spagetti Monster touch you in your rude parts with his noodly appendage..

  4. I’m with you, Petursey. It’s disconcerting that despite that the woman in the video is happily married and showed an amazing display of affection and love for her husband and kids, zdenny would still flap his yap about this bogus concept that atheists can’t love.

    It’s a classic inferiority complex. I’ll remind you that zdenny wants you to verbally beat the shit out of him. His version of “love” requires him to try and anger what he thinks are his opponents.

    And this camera thing? What. Does he want to see me have sex with my wife? Or maybe he’d get off to see me use the bathroom. Ooo, ooo, or he could watch me watching TV or surfing the internet. That would be fun. Or watch me work? How thrilling.

    Zdenny, what do you think we do behind closed doors? We’re just as boring as christians are.

  5. zdenny — I’m extremely offended by your comment. I am the wife of this amazingly loving man whose blog you visit. You shouldn’t judge people for not believing as you do — and if you make a comment like that you’d better back it up with some good evidence — even better how about some specific examples of how “atheists” don’t understand love. This blog is full of evidence and research — even if you don’t agree with it. Where’s yours?

    I wouldn’t consider myself an atheist or a christian but I can tell you that there are loving people and horrible people in each group. It’s called human nature. You don’t need to believe in Jesus Christ (or claim you do) to earn some kind of all loving badge. I don’t. And if I see someone in need, I’ll give to them because I want to — not because someone in the sky will judge me or send me to hell if I turn the other cheek.

    Jeremy (aka cafewitteveen) is THE most unconditional loving, caring and giving man I’ve EVER known — and that’s behind closed doors or without cameras.

  6. Wow, zdenny. Until I read your comment above, I actually had some sympathy for you. If your church pushes repentance, repenting of writing such vitriol would be a good place to start.

    I honestly feel like copying and pasting your comments and labelling them “Reason #1 not to become a Christian”.

  7. @Zdenny –

    Doesn’t Christianity teach that you can never know another’s heart?

    I was raised Christian and am now an atheist. My morals, how much I love people, how I care and show that I care, have not changed since that time.

    You don’t have to believe that I am capable of love, but it’s a great insult to my fiance who I am committing my life to, and my friends and family, to suggest that our love is not real.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Anni.

      In a bout of good judgement, zdenny has taken his misunderstanding of atheism and his hateful attitude toward us offline.

      I personally take all responsibility for chasing him away.

      Not really.

      I look forward to checking out your blog a little more and seeing what else you have to say on this topic.

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  9. Dear all,

    Ok, I stumbled across this blog at some unearthly hour (thank you insomnia for ruining my life), and I was impressed.

    The most part of atheists I’ve met (and this is from personal experience, I’m not saying ALL atheists) are pretty aggressive people when it comes to religion (and yes, I know, Christians can be like that too). This wasn’t like that. What I’m trying to saying in a rather roundabout way is that you’ve restored my faith in atheists. I’m a Christian, and the only person in my family who has a religion. I’m ever so slightly outnumbered. They’re all atheists, and they’re all pretty damning about religion.

    zdenny – DUDE! No wonder some atheists think we’re socially inept morons if you start saying stuff like that. You’re giving Christians a bad name here. To the rest of you: most of us are actually rather normal, even if we do believe in “someone in the sky”.

    Seriously, “I interact with atheists in their natural environment.” ?!!? You make it sound as though you’re David Attenborough and you’re observing animals in some far flung country! Stop treating atheists like they’re some sub-human species. They might treat us like that (some of them, not all of them), but don’t you remember the Golden Rule of “Love thy neighbour as thyself.” ?!?! Does that mean you’re perfectly comfortable with Christians being treated like socially inept morons??!! You’re doing a mighty fine job at keeping up the image of socially inept moronic Christians.

    Anni – you are perfectly right, we are taught that we can never know another’s heart. If zdenny would get up off his arrogant rear and actually read his Bible, he would know this.

    Petursey – no offence intended here, but please don’t label all Christians as “religious retards”. We’re not all like zdenny. I promise you, zdenny’s comments have irritated me just as much as they irritated you, seeing as they seem to consist of nothing more than a load of claptrap.

    Again, cafewitteveen – we don’t all have “classic inferiority complexes” as Christians. Some of us are crap at turning the other cheek.

    Tina Louise – of course atheists can love, zdenny is being a right prick. On behalf of my fellow “Christian”, I apologise, because his behaviour has embarrassed me.

    Jude – I doubt a 15 year old’s words will count for much, but zdenny’s views don’t represent Christianity. As I’ve replied to almost everyone here, he’s spouting a load of rubbish.

    So to all, Happy New Year from rainy and boring England…

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