Gotta get some shit done!

I’m enjoying all the comments on the blog lately. They are quite distracting, I’ll say, and I apologize if you’re waiting on a response that I haven’t gotten to yet.

My TODO list is growing, and I need to attack it today and tomorrow.

A couple updates, though. I’m still waiting on my books to arrive so I can start my end of Le Café Witteveen Challenge that I posed to Mark Tetzlaff. In the meantime, Tetzlaff has shot out of the gates and is already on chapter three of Richard Dawkins’ book, “The Greatest Show on Earth.” His reviews have been interesting and full of criticism. But I think it’s good. It’s positive to experience a Christian who is actually reading a book that he disagrees with. Too often we find that Christians DON’T read science books that we hold up, yet I find that I try and read every Christian book I can get my grubby paws onto.

I haven’t linked to his blog yet, and I may not here either. I’ve wanted to catch up with him and review his recommendations first. If you happen to get over to his blog, please be relatively kind. I’ve been saving his reviews to publish here. So they aren’t going anywhere. But I wanted to at least get pretty deep into the books before starting some sort of land war.

I don’t want to discourage him from reading the entire book. In fact, I hope that this experience encourages him to read more books he doesn’t agree with. AND I hope it encourages other Christians to do the same.

If you go over there, don’t attack him or Christianity. Please. With sugar on top. If you find something wrong with the scholarship, by all means, make a statement. We need to make a positive attempt to accommodate Tetzlaff and others to examine the information for themselves. If they never read it, they will never know. They will keep repeating what they heard from the pulpit, what they read on Discovery Institute dot com or Answers in Genesis. We know these are poor excuses of scholarship. They prove it over and over. The simple fact that there are no forums or comments attached to their blogs shows culpability beyond awful. The faithful accuse us often of not reading their support manuscripts, but when we quote the bible, we get shit on and accused of quote mining. Let’s play this card differently.

Let’s take the high road on this one. At least take the high road for me. When it’s said and done and he’s flipped the last page, by all means, have a heyday.

In other news, Tina verbally kicked zdenny in the balls. How dare anyone claim they cornered the market on the love game. I’m a lucky man to have found such a beautiful and loving support system. See for yourself, she doesn’t agree with atheism or Christianity. She has an amazing mind of her own, and she should be free to live the way she wants, and to love who she wants.

I would find it very disrespectful if I were to go onto his blog and claim that his version of love for his wife and kids is harmful to them. He’s mad because Richard Dawkins said that teaching kids about hell is child abuse, and makes every effort to alleviate the guilt he feels from wondering if it’s true. Well, it is true. Hell is the most demonstrably fictionalized place in the Christian tradition. It’s not an Old Testament Jewish concept. It’s a New Testament concept with varying ideas that didn’t shape into what many think now until MUCH later.

If you would be so kind as to “prove” hell to me, I would be so kind as to stop agreeing that it’s child abuse to tell children about it.

In the meantime, go give your partner a hug and a kiss and tell them how much you love them. I bet you they’ll tell you, Thank you.

First Aid Kit – Hard Believer

This is the video for our brand new song “Hard Believer”, which is out on the 5th of October along with the new song “Waltz for Richard” on Wichita Recordings. Enjooy!

“Hard Believer” is taken from our debut album “The Big Black & The Blue” which is out on Wichita Recordings on the 25th January 2010. You can pre-order the album here…