Evolution: The Grand Experiment, a Book Review

In response to the challenge I made to Mark Tetzlaff, here is the beginning of my review of the book “Evolution: The Grand Experiment” by Dr. Carl Werner.

Since none of you have probably even heard of the book, let me describe it. It’s a hard cover book approximately 262 pages long. It is written by the good Doctor Carl Werner and filled with photography from his lovely wife Debbie.

You could read along with me if you’d like. The first few pages of the book can be found at Amazon.com.

Tetzlaff recommended this book, because he believes “that Dr. Werner is an honest researcher. He examines the evidence in great detail and contrasts how evolutionists and creationists interpret the evidence. In his book, he never states his opinion or interpretation of the evidence, but simply explains the evidence, how others have interpreted it and leaves it to the reader to make their own choice. This book does not provide answers to our origin or development, but it does offer a tremendous amount of information that teaches us a great deal about the world in which we live.”

Tetzlaff’s recommendation can be found in the comments of this post.

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Dr. Patrick Johnston: “Execute the wrath against evildoers and be a terror to those who would assault god’s innocent children.”

Regular reader Jude commented on something regular reader zdenny wrote in response to this post. He said, “Until I read your comment above, I actually had some sympathy for you.” He finished his comment later with, “I honestly feel like copying and pasting your comments and labelling them ‘Reason #1 not to become a Christian’.”

I have a running list of rationale for not being a Christian. It pains me to talk about such a list, as my family are all Christians and they read here from time to time, and hurting them isn’t something I’m dying to do. But yet, here I am talking about it. It’s like saying, “I’m sorry” before slapping them in their collective heads.

The blog goes on.

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