Dr. Patrick Johnston: “Execute the wrath against evildoers and be a terror to those who would assault god’s innocent children.”

Regular reader Jude commented on something regular reader zdenny wrote in response to this post. He said, “Until I read your comment above, I actually had some sympathy for you.” He finished his comment later with, “I honestly feel like copying and pasting your comments and labelling them ‘Reason #1 not to become a Christian’.”

I have a running list of rationale for not being a Christian. It pains me to talk about such a list, as my family are all Christians and they read here from time to time, and hurting them isn’t something I’m dying to do. But yet, here I am talking about it. It’s like saying, “I’m sorry” before slapping them in their collective heads.

The blog goes on.

I remember this email conversation I had with my brother about non-belief back when he lived in Vietnam. I dogged religion hard. I opened up to him primarily because I thought he was open to it, and I thought that given the chance and time to think it out, he’d probably agree with me. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. I’m not really going to repeat all that stuff here, as I dog religion all the time.

Remember that reality show on Sundance “One Punk Under God” where the son of Jimmy Bakker, Jay, showed his trials and tribulations of being a minister? That’s the closest form of Christianity that I can stomach as being the “right” form of Christianity. At least Jay was accepting of all kinds of people. He seemed so honest and loving. I really liked that show and I liked the Christianity it portrayed. That would be on my list of reasons to become a Christian.

I’ve said it before, but my brother ranks in that category too. Give that guy an hour of your time, and you’d understand that there are good godly people trying hard to be reasons why a person would become a Christian.

All this exposition is to say, I got excited when I saw a title of an article by Dr. Patrick Johnston that read, “Sarah Palin Is Disqualified From Being Vice President and Is Unworthy of the Support of Conservatives” I thought, “Wow, a conservative Christian with whom I agree. Awesome!”

But then I read his article (link). Do you want to know why Dr. Johnston disqualified Palin from being VP of the United States? In his words (emphasis mine):

As Governor, she is the chief executive power in the state, and has the divine obligation to be “God’s minister” to “execute wrath against evildoers” and be a “terror” to those who would assault God’s innocent children.

Wait. Shhh. Wait a second.

Did you hear that?


That’s the sound of a deflating honk echoing against walls of my Jesus-less heart.

Execute the wrath against evildoers and be a terror to those who would assault god’s innocent children.

I read the rest of the article and it’s as awful and deliberately Pat Robertson-esque as anything I’ve ever read. Unfortunately, those items in quotes are very biblical statements. Robertson was speaking on the authority of the bible when he made those awful statements about Haiti. Dr. Johnston was too.

This is why atheists are horrified: Because the word of god is deliberately and non-euphemistically violent and awful. Because Christ’s followers make the rest of them look awful.

In one episode of “One Punk Under God,” Jay was posting stickers around town that said “Dear God, save me from your followers.”

There’s got to be a catch phrase we can pull out of that. Something like, “Dear Christians, save yourselves from your message” or “Deliver yourselves from your own evils.”

In the meantime, scratch a couple few more reasons down why I’m not a believer.

15 thoughts on “Dr. Patrick Johnston: “Execute the wrath against evildoers and be a terror to those who would assault god’s innocent children.”

  1. When someone is acting as a christian, we are told “Vengeance is mine, says the Lord.” We are not to exact vengeance, but only execute justice. There is a difference.

    The quote you gave refers to the obligations of civil officials. In those days, the officials were roman pagans.

    The Christians were told to obey civil authority since those authorities were in charge of law and order, including going after criminals. Evildoers have merited the wrath of God, and God uses civil authorities to do this for him. It only makes sense. If you have a mass murderer, he will most likely get the death sentence from the courts.

    This is what that passage (take from the bible) meant, when taken in context. If a Christian holds public office, it is not a personal quest of vengeance, but a civil duty to uphold the law, and protect the people.

    I wish christian red necks would keep quiet. They know nothing about the bible. All they do is make it hard for the rest of us.

  2. Jeremy disagreed with this statement, ““Execute the wrath against evildoers and be a terror to those who would assault god’s innocent children.“”

    Do you want the government to execute wrath against evildoers such as put murderers in jail or are you oppose to this.

    Do you want the government to assault innocent people? Or do you want the government to assault only Gods innocent children?

    Your disagreed with the statement has some really scary implications. You want innocent people to suffer or you don’t want government to prosecute people who commit even heinous crimes.

    That is scary!

    Just something to think about

    God Bless…

  3. Zdenny strikes again !!! Completely intentionally twisting what was said.

    Anyway who says children belong to “god” ? Children belong to themselves, certainly not to a make believe sky fairy or their parents, a parents job is to guide their childs upbringing, give them the best start possible and hopefully keep them away from religion and it’s brainwashing abuse and, of course, peadophile priests of all persuasions.

    Inflicting relgiousity on an innocent child is to my mind the worst type of child abuse.

  4. The article is clearly stating that Palin should have exacted vengeance and terror on those who have chosen abortion.

    Let the terror come in the afterlife. Leave people on earth alone.

    I’ve grown to appreciate Marianne’s perspective around here. I don’t agree with it. But I can appreciate it, and kind of look forward to reading it.

    At least there’s a sort of calm reason in her tone. I think it takes a lot of mental work to rationalize the amount of calm into the message of the bible. She’s obviously crossed a huge mountain to get where she is.

    I’m not going to rip apart either of their responses. In my mind, the statement in question is precisely a threat to Christianity. I don’t wish to be associated with such a statement. I’m not sure why anyone would.

    All in all, the post above is possibly one the most deflating cases for Christianity that I think I’ve ever read.



  5. Ps. I do so like the comment by Mrs Witteveen on a previous post where she verbally tore zdenny a new arsehole. Funny he never responded – we know why his stated intent is to cause trouble like a spoilt child to get some attention.

    Now I must agree with J’s comment about Marianne I may disagree with her ju-ju beliefs but she’s rational, kind, un-condescendingish and doesn’t rednecks !!!

  6. Oddly enough, some posts at my blog show up there at IceRocket too!

    None of this will ever truly be settled, I think, because there will always be some hard-line Christian (or Muslim, etc.) who thinks that their holy law should trump civil law. As long as we keep marginalizing them, we’ll make headway.

    Excellent post, Jeremy.

    1. Many thanks, Dan.

      I saw that you’re experience was in there, too. I thought of you when my wife Tina posted a comment to zdenny, and how your wife and him duked it out back in the day.

      The guy gets around.

    1. To be fair, I just looked at his blog and he’s recently welcomed a new baby into his fold. We should all go over and welcome him.

      I’m just kidding.

  7. Hello. You took my quote out of context. It was a quote from the King James Version of the Bible, namely Romand 13:3-4. Other versions of the Bible you may find less offensive. In essence, we all – atheists and Christians alike – believe that the government should do justice when innocent people are assaulted. We differ in what the penalty should be, and we differ in whether aborting babies should be a crime, but we all agree with the essence of the statement that the state should be the dissiminator of justice on behalf of innocent people who are assaulted or killed.

    Patrick Johnston

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