Tetzlaff’s reviews of Dawkins’ “The Greatest Show on Earth”

For your reading and responding pleasure, I give you Mark Tetzlaff’s reviews of the first four chapters of Richard Dawkins’ “The Greatest Show on Earth”.

Please feel free to stop by and honk his tonk.

7 thoughts on “Tetzlaff’s reviews of Dawkins’ “The Greatest Show on Earth”

  1. The stupid in his attempt of a review is shocking. Ie quoting only non peer reviewed creationist works twisted to fit his fairy tale nonsense.

    Yet again the true twisted face of Christian creationism is shown.

  2. I find it disappointing that he keeps repeating, in complete contradiction to the evidence, that the section on dating methods* is based on assumptions and therefore may be considered unreliable. This is especially ironic for me, since after reading the book, I finally had a clue on how it works. I had read technical explanations before, but never really “got” it. Kudos to Dawkins for managing to make the subject comprehensible (and interesting!) to a musician with no scientific background.

    A serious and sincere review would include the following information: which assumptions were made upon which the reliability of the dating methods depend? And why are these assumptions not reasonable? Vague assertions do not convince.

    * Dating methods: I use this term to refer to techniques used by scientists to determine the approximate age of organic and inorganic materials, rather than techniques to hook up with hot chicks, a subject about which Dawkins’ book has relatively little to say.

  3. Please tell me you’ve dropped a couple responses on his stoop for his reading pleasure. I have tried leaving a couple messages, but Tetzlaff seems very unnerved by me.

  4. I left the response below…and *So far* as at 2000 on 03/02/2010 it’s not been deleted.
    “I’m sorry it’s so obvious that you are not reviewing the book in a fair and balanced way. In fact all those sources you quote are “creationist” non peer reviewed works that twist the evidence to fit in with your book of fairy tales.
    Typical creationist lies misinformation and utter ridiculous claptrap.
    Shame on you.”

  5. I appreciate it.

    I have such a headache from reading this book. How disrespectful that Tetzlaff should recommend a book written for 10 year olds. The photo to text ratio is something like 6 to 1. Maybe worse.

    How are we to take him, or any Creationist, seriously if this is the best they can come up with?

  6. Well thats cos they aim their rubbish at 10yr olds. They want to brainwash them when they are still young and have not yet learnt enough to be able to withstand their rubbish…. the challenger himself seems a prime example of one who was caught young…very very very sad.

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