Tina’s First Day

I also wanted to say that today is Tina’s first day in real estate. She’s decided to go with a company called Dream Town, primarily because she has a friend who works with them and they don’t require cold calls. All leads are generated from interested buyers or sellers. There’s not as much need to be as salesy. I’m not a big fan of sales person stereotypes, so it’s the company I would have chosen too.

Tina’s business has been slow since the economic downturn, and she decided to take the real estate route for more income and to possibly sell her services to home buyers or sellers who need her services.

You should send your love and well wishes here or over at her blog. I’m sure she’d appreciate it!

I’m off to D’Souza vs John Loftus debate

I’m renting a SmartCar™ and driving down to Champaign, Il. to shoot, see and hear the John Loftus and Dinesh D’Souza “The Great God Debate” on Tuesday night.

Tonight, I’m driving down to meet local Champaign atheists for dinner with Loftus, where I’m sure roasted babies will be on the dinner menu.


I’ve decided to stay down in Champaign tonight, partly because I wanted to go to this dinner, and secondly there’s supposed to be a snow storm hitting us tonight through Wednesday morning.

I may be relocating to Champaign. Tina, baby, I’ll send for you when the snow melts. Bring Zoe and your things.

If you have never heard of Dinesh D’Souza, you should probably check your pulse. Go watch some of his debates on Youtube, as many are available.

*Update* Here’s the facebook page to learn more about the debate and its speakers.

John Loftus