A winged reptile

A lizard with wings — a/k/a A DRAGON — spotted at the Lambusango Forest Reserve in Buton, Indonesia.

*Update* Biodork found a link for the wiki on this little monster here.

Via: thedw.us <— link fixed. I did thedw.com instead of thedw.us.


7 thoughts on “A winged reptile

  1. Wow, is that a hitherto-unknown species?

    Or a hoax? When I clicked on your link all it said was “this domain is for sale”.

    It’s petty cool, if genuine. I think I’ll call him “Smauglet”.

    1. Sorry, Jude. No luck with a user edit button.

      Of course, if you catch something, you can always leave me another comment, and I’ll edit it for you. I don’t mind. I’ve done it for a few others when they notice glaring items. Otherwise, you have to be perfect like Christians … and me … FSM knows I’m perfect in all my grammar and posts.

      I’m working on moving the blog to a more reputable server and software, but it’s slow going.


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